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"Sharrows"—McCall Shares the Road
The City of McCall will begin installing new pavement markings on a few streets in McCall which are too narrow for separate bike lanes. These markings are called "sharrows."  The purpose of sharrows:

  1. To let motorists know they can expect bicyclists on the road.
  2. Sharrows provide visual cues to drivers and bicyclists which reinforce the existing rules of the road and help both parties align themselves within a shared travel lane.
  3. To position the bicyclist in the lane in order to encourage safe passing by motorists.
  4. To help bicyclists position themselves in the travel lane (i.e. "take the lane") since it is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel side-by-side in the lane.
  5. Sharrows are not separate bike lanes. A motorist can drive over the sharrows. But if a bicyclist is nearby, drivers can use the sharrow to judge spacing so driver and bicyclists can share the lane safely.

Sharrows are on the following streets:

· Forest Street
· Lick Creek Road– from Davis Avenue to Timber Circle
· Lake Street –north of the marina

· Lakeside Avenue
· Mill Street –southbound only

Implementing sharrows is part of the "McCall Area Pathways Master Plan" which can be found on the City's website: . Questions regarding sharrows can be directed to Michelle Groenevelt, , 208-634-7052.

More information regarding the rules of the road and bicycle-related Idaho Code, Title 49, Chapter 7 , can be found on the Idaho Transportation Department website: .