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Map of McCall's Public Art

The stars on the map below show locations of the City of McCall's public art collection. Zoom in to view street names. Click on a star to see the name of the artist and title of the artwork. Enjoy!

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McCall Public Library Integrated Artwork 
Which design idea do you like best?
This quick 5 minute survey asks you to take a look at public art concepts for the McCall Public Library. This is the first of two surveys. Two finalist artists, Joe Thurston and Reham Aarti, were selected to create a total of four concepts to review. The survey questions are simple. What do you like? How can it improve? Pictures and descriptions of the concepts are also embedded in the survey. Click here to take the Thurston survey: . Click here to take the Aarti survey:

Joe Thurston's full artwork design proposals can be reviewed here:  McCall Library Integrated Artwork Project Proposals -Joe Thurston.pdf 
Reham Aarti's full artwork design proposals can be reviewed here:  McCall Library Integrated Artwork Project Proposals - Reham Aarti.pdf 
More details about the project can be found here:  Call to Artists - McCall Public Library Integrated Artwork.pdf .

McCall's Public Art Collection

Download a map of McCall's entire public art collection here. Below are descriptions of just a few example pieces...

Mill Whistle: Sound of an Era by Amy Westover 
Installed 2021 in Brown Park 

In McCall’s early years, logging and lumber production were principal industries largely responsible for the founding of McCall as a township. Several lumber mills were built over the years and all of them burned down. A few artifacts were salvaged from the final burn. The mill steam whistle being one of them. 

This public art project is meant to give back to McCall the sound that embodied the character and livelihood of the town for decades. It is meant to create a new “village” tradition of blowing the whistle each year both as a honoring of the past and also a distinct celebration of the present.

Read the full Mill Whistle public art project proposal here.

Our Confluence - 2nd Street Public Art Project by Erica and Jamie Laidlaw

Local artist/design team Erica and Jamie Laidlaw of Laidlaw Design Company designed and fabricated artwork to complement the recently-completed reconstruction of the city's downtown core. Their project, Our Confluence, celebrates the iconic local waterways of the South Fork and Main Salmon River in this functional concrete and metal bench installed at the corner of Lenora Street and 2nd Street at the heart of McCall. Review the full project description here.

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Bridging the Source: Arts and Payette Lake 

The City of McCall, in partnership with the McCall Arts and Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, partnered with Boise, Idaho artist Susan Madacsi to create public art for the newly re-built Lardo Bridge at the outlet of beautiful Payette Lake. The artwork, called "Seasons," consists of four forged steel and kiln formed glass sculptures installed on each of the four corners of the bridge. 

Listen to an interview with the artist on BSU Public Radio's Idaho Matters here.

See a video documenting the project here.

Mountain Goats at Play 

In summer 2016, artist Matt Babcock of Seattle, WA, installed a grouping of three powder coated aluminum goat sculptures in a newly created pedestrian plaza next to the historic Alpine Playhouse in downtown McCall. The goats jump and play from natural stone seating elements, creating a fun public gathering place. The plaza and public art project was funded thanks to grants and contributions from Idaho Commission on the Arts, Idaho First Bank, Northwest Hardscape Specialties, City of McCall, and many generous citizens of McCall.

Rotary Park Railings 

The City of   McCall, in partnership with the McCall Improvement Committee and the  Idaho Commission on the Arts commissioned artist and fabricator Susan Bond to create unique railings for new stairs leading to the lake front in Rotary Park. Look for the hand-forged "Waves of Payette Lake" while you enjoy the view. The artwork was installed in 2016.


Before I Die 
In summer 2014, City of McCall participated in the international "Before I Die" public art project that encourages residents and visitors to express their dreams and aspirations by completing the sentence "Before I die I want to..." Entries were written in chalk on a blackboard installed in Legacy Park in downtown McCall on the shore of Payette Lake. Hundreds of answers were given. Here are just a few:

"Before I die I want to own my own company."
"Before I die I want to learn to play the fiddle."
"Before I die I want to sit on an elephant."
"Before I die I want to zipline."
"Before I die I want to befriend a goat."
"Before I die I want to scuba dive in Fiji."
"Before I die I want to be a mom."
"Before I die I want to make the olympic swim team."
"Before I die I want to own a ranch."
"Before I die I want to learn tricks on a snowboard."

Photos and more information about McCall's "Before I Die" public art project can be found on the international Before I Die web site at

Railroad Avenue Murals 
The City of McCall partnered with the students of the McCall-Donnelly Advanced Art Class to create a rotating series of mural panels for the Railroad Avenue bike path retaining wall. The students learned about public art selection processes by responding to a Call to Artists for the project and making presentations to a volunteer selection committee. The first mural was installed in July, 2014, and mural panels are rotated biennially. 

Public Art Advisory Committee
The Public Art Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding selection, policies, acquisition, placement and maintenance of public art to the McCall City Council, helping the City of McCall celebrate the culture of McCall and creativity of residents through public art (2018 Comprehensive Plan). Appointed by: Mayor with confirmation by Council
Staff Liaison: Delta James , Economic Development Planner, 208-634-3504
Current Membership:   

  • Dawn Matus
  • Cynthia Dittmer
  • Dallas Young
  • Craig Vroom
  • Karla Eitel
  • Susan Farber
  • Nellie Bowman

Documents and Resources

City of McCall Public Art Plan - adopted 3-11-21

McCall Downtown East Urban Renewal District Plan - 2020.

McCall Public Art Map 

Agendas and Minutes

    Public Art Committee agendas and minutes can be found within the Document Search Center here.