If you are building a residence or plan to build a residence in McCall, please consult our Residential Development Guide to learn more about the process. 

Building Permit Application Forms: (Download and fill out) 

Water Infrastructure Worksheet.- All applicants for additions or new residences must complete and return this form with your application:

If you would prefer an online application submittal for either the Public Works Permit Application or the Utility Billing Application, you can use the following links.  


Please submit your complete applications to along with electronic copies of your plans. Hard copies are no longer required.  If you do not submit your application to this email address we cannot guarantee that it will be received or processed in a timely manner. Please consolidate all of your materials and submit them in one email only. Once applications are submitted, we try to respond within 48 hours with a fees invoice. Please allow 15 business days (three weeks) for building permit issuance. 

Permitting Fees: 

Special Permits:

New Contractors: If you are operating as general contractor on a location within the City Limits, please obtain a McCall Business LIcense.

Demo Permit: