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Application Checklists and Instructions:

New Residence in City Limits Checklist and Instructions

New Residence in IMPACT AREA Checklist and Instructions

Remodel or Addition or Accessory Structure Checklist and Instructions

?What is an Accessory Structure and do I need a permit                                                                                                     

Solar Permit Checklist and Instructions

Commercial Building Checklist and Instructions

Fence Permit Checklist and Instructions

Demo Permit Checklist and Instructions

Roof Permit Checklist and Instructions

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If you have any questions or if you require accommodations for completing any form or application, please get in touch with the Permit Technician at 208-634-7052 for assistance.

A computer kiosk is available at City Hall for public use.


Thinking about building a house in McCall? Start here---->Residential Development Guide

Calculating Permitting Fees? - Download our Fee Calculator - more payment info can be found below

Contractors: If you are operating as a General Contractor on a project located within the City Limits, please obtain a McCall Business License - Business License Application

Applying for a building permit:

1. Review the checklist and instructions for your project type from the list below.

2. Be prepared to upload digital files of the required items - Common uploads are construction plans, structural calculations, site plan, sewer or septic permits and well permits if not on City water as well as HOA or DRC approval when applicable.

3. Submit your application by going to the Permit Application Portal - ***PLEASE NOTE: Once you start the application in the portal, you will not be able to leave that application until it is complete without losing your work.

4. Submit a Construction Plan Form (located in the portal). The online form must be submitted for every permit type.

5. Submit a Project Information Form (located in the portal) - The online form must be submitted for every project that is creating or adding structure square footage.

6. Determine if you need a Public Works Permit and Utility Billing Application - The online forms must be submitted if your project is on a street owned by the City of McCall or if you are connecting to City Water Services. 

7. Make prompt payment when you receive your invoice.

8. Allow 4 business weeks for permit issuance. Processing times can be extended during our busy summer season or if any of the above items are incomplete.

Payment information and Options:

After you submit your online application, an invoice will be sent to you within 2-3 business days.  Your Plan Review Fee must be paid promptly after you are invoiced to maintain your place in our queue.  Plans will not be reviewed before receipt of payment.

Online - The emailed invoice will provide a link to make payments by EFT or Credit Card online.

By phone - The City also accepts Visa, Mastercard & Discover Credit Card payments over the phone for a service fee of 3.5% + $1.00. To pay over the phone with a Check, please call the front desk at 208-634-8907. Service fees for eChecks may vary. For details, please call the front desk. Have your permit number & site address available when making a payment over the phone.

In-person - The City also accepts Visa, Mastercard & Discover Credit Card payments in person for a service fee of 3.5% + $1.00. Cash or Check are also accepted at the front desk during business hours.

By mail - Cash or Check payments may be mailed to: Building Department,-Attn: Payments - 216 E Park St, McCall ID 83638

Drop Box - Checks are accepted at City Hall outside of business hours at the drop box at the top of the City Hall steps.