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For information about Lakeside Liberty Fest including inquiring about being a vendor during the event, visit the Lakeside Liberty Fest page. 

License and Permit fees are set from time to time by Resolution of the City Council.  To View the most recent comprehensive city fee schedule click here.


A business license is required by law of any commercial or home based business with a physical location inside the city limits and anyone acting as a general contractor, offering snow removal services or taxi services within city limits. The cost of a business license is $140 for a new application and $70 a year to renew. If a business license needs to be reprinted at the request of the business owner, a $5 fee will be assessed. All fees are non-refundable. Online Business License Applications are listed below. Payment for a new license must be submitted in person, by mail, or by credit card or eCheck (in person or by phone only at this time). Payment for annual renewals will have an online payment option listed on the renewal form. No statement will be issued but a receipt can be provided by request. Once payment is receivedthe approval process is approximately 14 days. MCC Chapter 4

Local Option Tax: The City has a local option tax on all retail sales, alcohol, and lodging. For detailed information on the local option tax requirements click here. If you are an out of town retailer who needs to set up a tax account for filing purposes only, please complete the Sales Tax Permit Application. No fee is required for tax only permits.

Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Lodging/Property Management Businesses: For more information regarding licensing and tax requirements for short term rentals visit the Short-term Rentals page.

CLICK HERE for General Business License Application

General Business License Application
New License: $140
Annual Renewal: $70
Failure to Renew by January 31st: $140
Replacement of License: $5
The general business license covers: Retail, Wholesale & Service Industries, Snow Removal Contractors, and General Contractors. Snow Removal Contractors will also be required to obtain a Commercial Snow Removal Permit. MCC 4.2.1 & MCC 4.3.1

CLICK HERE for Commercial Snow Removal  Application

Commercial Snow Removal Permit Application
New Permit Application: $125
Annual Renewal: $75
Any person who engages in the business of snow removal must obtain a valid City of McCall general business license and a permit for commercial snow removal services within the City Limits. MCC 4.3.1

CLICK HERE for Short Term Rental permit Application

Short Term Rental Permit Application
New Application: $225
Annual Renewal: $225
Fire Inspection: TBD
For more information please visit our short term rental page. MCC 4.13.1

CLICK HERE for Alcohol License Application
Alcohol License Application
Retail Beer-On Premise: $200
Retail Bear - Off Premise: $50
Retail Wine - On Premise: $200
Retail Wine - Off Premise: $50
Liquor - On Premise (Includes Wine): $562.50
Golf Course Liquor - On Premise: $150
Transfer of License Fees - 33%
Transfer of Location Fees - 25%
Businesses who wish to serve beer, wine and/or hard liquor must first obtain an alcohol license through the state of Idaho and Valley County before obtaining a City of McCall Alcohol License. For information about serving alcohol on commercial property and at events and temporary vending rules, click here.

CLICK HERE for Alcohol Beverage Catering permit Application
Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit Application
Per Day: $20.00
Not to exceed 3 consecutive days. Businesses wishing to serve alcohol for off-premises events must obtain an Alcohol Catering Permit. This permit authorizes the owner of an alcohol beverage license to serve alcoholic beverages at an event, party, or convention. Holders of a beer and/or wine license are limited to only beer and wine, and cannot serve liquor under this permit. The City requires a minimum of 3 business days to process the application.

CLICK HERE for Taxi Drivers permit Application
Taxi Driver Permit Application
Per Driver: $165 for a 5-year license
Plus background check and fingerprint
Fingerprints and background check must be completed every five years per McCall City Code 4.4.5. Failure to pass the background check will restrict taxi services to outside the City limits. The application fee is non-refundable. This process can take up to six weeks to complete. The Taxi License must be picked up within 60 days of the application approval notification to remain valid and installed in the vehicle before operation.MCC 4.4.1

CLICK HERE for Vendor Permit Application
Vendor Permit Application
LT - Vendor Move Application
$50 per day or per event. An example of an event would be Lakeside Liberty Fest
Three to 12 Months: $140
Move Location: $50 Per Day
FOOD VENDORS: Please be advised that you will be required to have Central District Health approval to obtain a vendor permit. Central District Health currently has an estimated wait time of 30 days to receive approval for new vendors. 
The City of McCall offers many great events in which vendors can participate. Participating as a vendor at any of these events is an excellent way to enjoy our city while earning some money selling the products your business offers.

CLICK HERE for Craft Fair Permit Application
Craft Fair Permit Application
Per Event: $60
If you wish to host a craft fair or bazaar, you will need to complete the Craft Fair Permit Application. If the fair is on property which you do not own, you will also need to submit a notarized letter of permission from the property owner. A list of all participating vendors, to include their business name, phone number and email, is required when completing the application.

CLICK HERE for Farmers Market Permit Application
Farmers Market Permit Application
Per Season: $60
A Farmers Market Permit is required by McCall City Code 4.7.4 for anyone wishing to operate a Farmers Market in the City of McCall. The complete application and fee of $60 must be received no less than 72 hours prior to the first day upon which sales are intended to occur.

CLICK HERE for Public Event Permit Application
Public Event Permit Application
Up to 50 people = $150
Over 50 people = $300
A Public Event Permit must be obtained before a Public Event can be held a on public property. An exception to this would be events held in public parks, which are subject to the Guidelines for events and activities in McCall City Parks. Public Events on private property do not require a permit unless the Public Event is a carnival, circus, or street event. Please complete and submit this Public Event Permit application no less than two (2) weeks prior to the first day of your event. A non-refundable application fee must be paid to the City of McCall, 216 E Park St. McCall, ID 83638.

CLICK HERE for Gold Glove Concession Application
Golf Glove Concession Application
Application Fee: $10
One Day: $100
Consecutive Days: $75/day
Youth Programs: $50/day
Security and Damage Deposit: 50% of rental fee
The City of McCall (City) has one location within Gold Glove Park where City-authorized vendors may rent a facility to sell food options or merchandise to park goers, field renters and their spectators. Rental periods are for a minimum of one-day up to weekend events.

CLICK HERE for FIrework Display Permit Application
Firework Display Permit Application - Please allow 30 days for processing of your application.
Per Display: $50
Possession of fireworks is lawful in the following cases:
A recognized civic organization having a genuine, material existence and purpose separate from obtaining a permit under this Section, may make application for a permit for a firework display according to Uniform Fire Code Article 78 and Uniform Fire Code section 4.108, to be held in connection with a national holiday or special local event. The application shall be made to the City Clerk, who shall route it through the Police Chief, Fire Chief, the Mayor and the City Council. The Mayor may make or direct such investigation as he/she may deem appropriate. The permit shall be issued or denied by the Mayor and City Council, considered for these purposes to be the Fire Prevention Bureau, based upon consideration of the nature of the occasion, the nature of the applicant, and the public safety. Any permit issued under this paragraph shall be limited to one time only for which issued.

CLICK HERE for Firework Stand Permit Application
Firework Stand Permit Application
Per Day: $50 - 5 day maximum
Permits to sell fireworks under the provisions of a vendor permit will be limited to five (5) vendors in the City and will be available to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. No preference will be made for any organization in the permitting process. Permits for sale will commence on the first business day in May at 8:00am and continue until five (5) permits are issued. (MCC 5.3.430(D)). Fireworks can only be sold from 8:00am on June 30th through midnight on July 4th.

CLICK HERE for Peddler Permit Application
Peddler Permit Application
$125 quarterly per person for the initial permit and first day.
Additionally $25 per day thereafter in addition to background check & fingerprinting fees.
Quarters are broken down as follows: Oct-Nov-Dec; Jan-Feb-Mar; Apr-May-Jun; Jul-Aug-Sep
Every person, acting as a Peddler, shall apply to the City for a Peddler’s License as required by MCC 4.7.3. The application for such license shall be filed with the City Clerk not less than eight (8) weeks prior to the first day upon which sales are intended to occur.

CLICK HERE For Animal Drawn Vehicle Application
Animal Drawn Vehicle Application
Per Day: $25
Before operating a wagon or other vehicle drawn by one or more animals on public streets and rights of way, whether for hire by the ride, per person or otherwise, you must first obtain and pay for a from the City Clerk. To receive an Animal Drawn Vehicles Permit please complete and submit the application below. Note that your application isn't complete until we receive notarized permission from the property owner where you will set up. MCC 4.7.5

If you are in need of accommodations for completing any form or application please contact the City Clerks Department at 208-634-7142.
For specific information around business regulations and codes for specific business types, please see our business regulations page - Click Here

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