Streets Local Option Tax

On November 3rd, 2015, McCall residents voted to increase sales tax on purchases by 1% to generate revenue for repairing and rebuilding roads in our community. The increase will not affect food, groceries, or motor vehicle sales but will apply to visitors and locals. In addition to the 3% Lodging Local Option Tax currently in place on hotel and motel room occupancy, this Local Option Tax extends an additional 3% tax on all short-term rentals.

Revenue created from this Local Option Tax is estimated at more than $800,000 per year and is a substantial increase to improving the roadways in McCall. Maintaining our streets is an ongoing responsibility. The Streets Local Option Tax will be collected for the next ten years and used in our city beyond 2025.

  • A 1% sales tax within the municipal boundaries of the City of McCall—  EXCLUDING food, groceries and motor vehicle sales, as defined in the ordinance. 
  • A 3% hotel-motel room occupancy sales tax on receipts from all short-term rentals. (In addition to the 3% Local Option Tax currently in place on hotel and motel rooms and vacation rentals)

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