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McCall will be a diverse, small town united to maintain a safe, clean, healthy, and attractive environment. It will be a friendly, progressive community that is affordable and sustainable.

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State of the City - Reflections of 2023


McCall City Council 

Mayor Bob Giles Pictured
Mayor, Bob Giles 
McCall’s Mayor is an equal voting member of the city council that has no more authority than any other council member. The mayor presides over council meetings and performs ceremonial duties as outlined.  The Mayor is available by Appointment only. Call (208) 634-7142 to schedule.

Current McCall City Council Members

Council President-Colby Nielsen


Councilor Lyle Nelson

Email: lnelson@mccall.id.us

Councilor Julie Thrower

Email: jthrower@mccall.id.us

Councilor Mike Maciaszek

Email: mmaciaszek@mccall.id.us

How does the McCall City Government run?  
Under the council-manager form of government, a nonpartisan City Manager functions as the chief executive of the government organization. The city manager oversees the city's day-to-day operations and serves as an advisor to the city council.

McCall City Manager

Phil Kushlan serves as the interim city manager for the City of McCall, overseeing daily operations to ensure the delivery of effective government services. In his role as the council's chief policy advisor, he recommends city policies for consideration by the council, providing impartial and comprehensive information. He collaborates with department heads and the city attorney to ensure proper direction. To schedule a meeting with the Interim City Manager, please contact (208) 634-7142.

Members of McCall City Council pictured at their 2023 Retreat
Councilors discussing plans for 2023 at their annual retreat at Spring Mountain Ranch. 

Retreat meeting photo of council members
Council and the Management team presenting to the City Council at the annual 2023 Retreat. 

Councilors and Staff visit the new McCall Public Library 2024. 

McCall Library Director, Meg Lojack, gives Councilors and staff tour of the new McCall Public Library.

  • The city's chief election official, the City Clerk, is responsible for administering Municipal Elections. Elections for City Council are held every two years. City Council members serve four-year terms of office.

  • For voter registration information, call the Valley County Clerk's office at 208-382-7100. For polling place or other city election-related questions, please call the McCall City Clerk at 208-634-4874. Forms and information can be found at https://www.mccall.id.us/city-clerk#Elections

  • To coordinate interviews or request press information, contact: Erin Greaves, Communications Manager, at 208-634-8966

McCall City Council Resources

City Council
Robert (Bob) Giles
Council President
Colby Nielsen
Melanie Holmes
Cami Callan
Mike Maciaszek
City Manager
Anette Spickard
216 E. Park Street
McCall ,