Local Option Tax FAQ's

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Our business doesn’t reside in McCall, but we recently had sales within city limits and collected the 1% retail sales tax. How do I go about remitting this tax?

If you have not  yet done so, you will want to complete our tax permit application for businesses outside of city limits.  After submitting the application, we will create a business tax account for you and assign you a business tax permit number. This number will be used when you remit your collected tax. You will then complete our test Local Option Tax Voucher and send it to McCall City Hall along with your payment.

I am going to sell food/merchandise at an event in McCall. Do I need to collect any tax and send it to the City?

Yes, you are required to collect and remit tax on any retail sales within city limits. If you have not yet done so, you will want to apply for your vendor city sales tax permit. Once we receive the application, a tax account will be created for you and you will be assigned a tax permit number. You will use this same number for any event you participate in within the city limits. Once you have completed the event, you will complete the tax voucher and send to City Hall along with your payment. The voucher and payment are due by the 20th of the month following the event.

We are thinking of renting our house in McCall out as a short-term rental. Do I need to collect sales and lodging tax?

The 7% in taxes (1% retail and 6% lodging) must be collected on all lodging within the city of McCall, including on short term home rentals. Whether you collect and remit the tax largely depends on your situation. 

Is your short-term rental managed by a property management company? The following property management companies collect and remit the tax for properties they manage: McCall Vacation Rentals, Hearthstone Home Owner’s Association, Idaho Resort Properties (aka Johnson & Co.), Aspen Timeshares Association, Summit Resort Rentals, McCall Vacations LLC, mccallcabins.com, Lakeside Vacation Rental Properties, Resort Rentals LLC, McCall Vacation Properties LLC, Doneright Management LLC and Vacasa LLC. If your property is managed by another company or you are managing all rentals of the property, then you must collect and remit all taxes.

Do you rent solely through Airbnb or VRBO? Both Airbnb and VRBO collect and remit the tax for you. You are still required to keep an active business license for the property. Click Here for more information on short term rentals.

If you are renting the property solely on your own, then you are responsible for charging the additional 7% tax to your customers and remitting it to the city. You will need to also keep an active business license for the property.

When is my local option tax payment due?

If you remit monthly, the tax remittance is due the 20th of each month for the prior month’s sales. For example, taxes collected for the month of June will be due by July 20th. If you remit quarterly, the tax remittance is due the 20th of the month following that quarter. For example, any taxes collected for October, November and December will be due on January 20th. If you choose to remit annually, note that the City of McCall runs on a fiscal year cycle, so your remittance will be due October 20th for October 1st – September 30th of the given fiscal year. 

Can I make my payment online?

Your City of McCall Local Option Tax can be remitted and paid online through Xpress Bill Pay. You will need your PIN, which you can receive from the Local Option Tax Administrator by email at apayne@mccall.id.us. For easy, step by step instructions on how to set up your account go to https://www.mccall.id.us/local-option-tax and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Where do I send my payment if I do not want to pay online?

Your can mail or hand deliver your payment to the City Hall office. Make checks payable to the City of McCall. For your convenience, there is a drop box outside the front doors for after-hours payments:

216 E Park St.
McCall, ID 83638

You can also pay over the phone with a credit card or e-check by calling 208-634-8907.

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