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Business License Renewal

Business License Reminders:
Per McCall City Code 4.2.6 & 4.2.7 all businesses are required to comply with all building and land use requirements as defined in Titles 2 and 3 of McCall City Code and comply with trash removal services as described in Title 5 Chapter 8 of McCall City Code. Penalties for non-compliance include but are not limited to the penalties outlined in McCall City Code 4.1.3

The City of McCall does not issue Business Licenses to businesses outside of McCall City Limits unless that business is a Commercial Snow Removal Operator or General Contractor doing business within the McCall City Limits. Commercial Snow Removal Operators and General Contractors affect the City’s rights-of-way and are therefore required to be licensed within the city limits. All other businesses that do business within the city limits but are located outside City limits are required to have a Vendor Permit. 

If your business is outside City Limits and you do not provide snow removal or general contractor services within City Limits, please reach out to Sarah Porter, Deputy City Clerk, before submitting your renewal application at 208-634-8908 or

Alcohol Beverage Catering Permits & Vendor Permits
Any alcohol-serving business that will be serving outside of the state-approved site map is required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit. Businesses from outside McCall City Limits that will be selling to guests (no host bar), are also required to obtain a Vendor Permit. 

Any business selling outside of their physical business location is required to obtain a Vendor Permit. Businesses with a City of McCall Business License are not required to pay for a Vendor Permit unless the goods or services offered while acting as a vendor are not the same as those provided at the business’s physical place of business. 

If you have questions about Alcohol Beverage Catering Permits or Vendor Permits, please contact Lori Wilkins, City Clerk Services Specialist at 208-634-8907 or

Sign Reminder
All commercial signs need a permit, except for specific exemptions in Title 3 Chapter 9 of McCall City Code. Prohibited sign types include A-Frame signs, Banners, and other moveable signs like Sandwich Boards. Why? These signs disrupt accessible spaces and public aesthetics. City Staff are happy to help you explore appropriate signs to boost business and pedestrian traffic. Assistant City Planner, Meredith Todd processes all sign applications and can be reached at 208-634-4168 or

Commercial Snow Removal Permit Reminders:
***Commercial Snow Removal Permit Renewals are Due no later than November 15th.
 After November 15th there will be a $5.00 per day late fee. *** 

Any person who engages in the business of snow removal must obtain a valid general business license and a permit for commercial snow removal service within City Limits. Proof of insurance showing the snow removal contractor has a policy of liability and property damage insurance covering the work of the snow removal contractor and the contractor's employees, the insurance policy should also list the City as an additional insured party in a sum not less than provided by Idaho Code Section 6-926 et seq. is required.

The Commercial Snow Removal Business List will be updated on the Business Directory Page every Friday starting October 20, 2023.

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  • *ANNUAL REQUIREMENT! - A list of the mailing addresses and a copy of the letter sent to property owners within a 300-foot radius of your STR unit providing them with the name and contact information of the local contact person, maximum occupancy of the unit, and the number of vehicles allowed to be parked. Check out our City of McCall Short-Term Rental Page for instructions on obtaining addresses for your mailing or contact a local title company.

The City adopted new codes regarding Short-Term Rentals (STR) within the City of McCall effective October 1, 2022.
City Code Title 3.13.036, 3.13.09 and Title 4.13 (Click Here to view code) specifies requirements of short-term rentals.
All short-term rentals operating in the McCall city limits are required to have a Short-Term Rental Permit. 

Renewal Form will be updated in June 2024

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