Business Regulations and Information

General Business License 
Any person or entity seeking to engage in, prosecute or carry on any trade, business or profession within the limits of McCall must obtain a General Business License from the City Clerk. Businesses outside the city limits are exempt from the license unless they are a General Contractor or engage in Snow Removal. Outside businesses delivering product are required to collect the 1% Sales Tax and will need to be issued a tax permit. There is no fee for the tax permit. The initial business license fee is $140 with an annual renewal fee of $70. The Business License expires at Midnight, December 31st of the year indicated on the license. Fees will not be prorated and are non-refundable. If the Business License is not renewed by January 31 of each year then it is considered a new business and will be assessed the $140 new license fee. Operating without a business license is subject to penalties. If a business license needs to be reprinted at the request of the business owner, a $5 fee will be assessed. 

Animal Drawn Vehicle 
 Any person seeking to operate a wagon or other vehicle drawn by one or more animals must first obtain a license from the City Clerk. The vehicle must be equipped with lights, reflectors and all other safety devices as may be required by state traffic laws, and each animal used to draw the vehicle is required to wear a device which prevents the deposit of feces on the ground. The annual fee for operating an animal drawn vehicle is $25.00

Child Daycare 
Any person, persons, or organization wishing to obtain a City business license to operate a Child Daycare must abide by Idaho Code Title 39 Chapter 11 Basic Day Care License and provide a copy of their Idaho State License prior to approval of their City business license.

Farmers Market 
To qualify as a Farmers Market, the market organizers must comply with the Market Development Division of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and its definition of a Farmers Market as outlined in the Idaho Farmers Market Manual. No charge or assessment of any kind shall be made or levied by the City on any wagon or vehicle or on the owner bringing farm produce to any farmer's market that may be established in the City. A permit for a farmer's market may be issued for a location on private property, on City right of way, or other City property, provided that insurance is provided with the City as a co-insured if on City property or right of way. A farmer's market shall pay a license fee of $60 per season and is designed to cover only costs of processing the application and of issuance of the permit. Allowable signage for a Farmers Market are no more than two (2) directional a-frame signs, each a maximum of 12 sq. ft. placed within the public right of way of the nearest intersections, but so as not to impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Individual Farmers Market vendors are limited to signage displayed within their allotted vending space within the farmer’s market.

Pawn Broker 
Any person seeking to operate a pawn shop within the City is required to obtain a permit. An application for such license shall be made to the City Clerk in such form and manner as provided by the City Clerk’s office. Upon receipt of an application for a license, the City Clerk shall cause an investigation to be made of the applicant by the Police Department. Upon completion of such investigation, the City Clerk shall issue, subject to City Council approval, a license which shall expire on December 31 of the year of its issuance, unless sooner revoked or surrendered. The Police Chief may refuse to issue a license for any premises which, in the opinion of the Police Chief, is not suitably located for enforcement purposes having due regard to the type and character of business and traffic in the locale of the proposed business. In the event that the Police Chief refuses to issue a license, the Police Chief shall provide the applicant a written explanation of the specific reasons for the denial. At the time of filing an application the fee for the license or permit shall be paid and is nonrefundable. The initial fee, in addition to the General Business License, is a $125 fee for a 5-year license.

Peddler's License 
Every person, acting as a Peddler, shall apply to the City for a Peddler’s license as required by McCall City Code Title 4. The application for such permit shall be filed with the City Clerk not less than eight (8) weeks prior to the first day upon which sales are intended to occur. Upon receipt of an application for a Peddler’s license, the application shall be referred to the McCall Police Department which shall conduct an investigation to determine the suitability of the applicant to be licensed. The investigation shall require an applicant to provide information and fingerprints necessary to obtain criminal history information from the Idaho State Police and The Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant to Idaho Code section 67-3008 and congressional enactment public law 92544. The McCall Police Department is authorized to receive criminal history information from the Idaho State Police and from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of evaluating the fitness of an applicant for licensure. As required by state and federal law, further dissemination or other use of the criminal history information is prohibited. The applicant shall pay, in advance, the fees required by the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification for the criminal records check. The City, upon receipt of payment of the proper Peddler’s license fees, and other required information as specified, and upon compliance with the requirements of this Chapter, shall issue a Peddler’s license. The fees for a Peddler’s License is non-refundable.

Peddler License fees: $125.00 quarterly per person for initial license and first day, then $25.00 per day thereafter (Oct-Nov-Dec; Jan-Feb-Mar; Apr-May-Jun; Jul-Aug-Sep)

Temporary Vendor License 
No person shall do business as a Vendor or as part of a Public Event within the City of McCall without first obtaining a permit as a Vendor from the City Clerk and paying a license fee for the permit. Excluded are Vendors of Farmers markets and sales representatives. A person holding a Vendor's permit or license which is part of another licensed street carnival or event during Winter Carnival, issued by the organizers of such carnival or event, shall not be required to hold a permit issued by the City.  The application for such permit shall be filed with the City Clerk and paying a license fee for the permit, not less than 72 hours prior to the first day upon which sales are intended to occur. The permitting process for a nonprofit organization Vendor shall be the same as a for-profit Vendor.
 Vendor License fees: $50.00 per day - $1000.00 per six months - $2000.00 per year.

Snow Removal License 
Any person who engages in the business of snow removal must obtain a City of McCall Business license and Commercial Snow Removal Permit. At the time of filing an application the fee for the license or permit shall be paid and is nonrefundable. The Snow Removal Contractor shall be responsible for the work performed under the provisions McCall City Code Title 4 and comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to snow removal within the City. The Snow Removal Contractor shall keep a daily log of each driver in case of a damage claim; utilize safety measures and equipment to protect workers and the public as prescribed by laws and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard; and comply with all City, County, State, and Federal laws. The City of McCall shall maintain a list of Snow Removal Contractors that have been approved to remove snow from private property within the McCall City limits.
Snow Removal License Fees: $140.00 for the initial season    $70.00 annual renewal due October 1 of each year.

Taxi License 
Every person, before providing taxicab service or commercial transportation, shall apply to the City for a business license and a taxicab or a commercial transportation driver's license. Every applicant for a taxicab or a commercial transportation driver's license shall supply a full set of fingerprints with every application, except that fingerprints will not be required for any renewal that occurs within five (5) years of the latest submittal of fingerprints by the applicant. Every applicant for a taxicab or commercial transportation business license shall supply a completed vehicle inspection for each vehicle to be used for services. The City, upon receipt of payment of the proper taxicab service or commercial transportation license fees ($165.00 per driver for a 5 year license. Additional fees include fingerprinting and background check) and other required information as specified, and upon compliance with the requirements, shall issue a taxicab or commercial transportation business license or a taxicab or commercial transportation driver's license.

Fireworks Stands 

McCall City Code 5-3-430: PERMITTED POSSESSION:
Possession of fireworks is lawful in the following cases: 
 (A) A recognized civic organization having a genuine, material existence and purpose separate from obtaining a permit under this Section, may make application for a permit for a fireworks display according to Uniform Fire Code Article 78 and Uniform Fire Code section 4.108, to be held in connection with a national holiday or special local event. The application shall be made to the City Clerk, who shall route it through the police chief and fire chief and to the mayor and council. The mayor may make or direct such investigation as he may deem appropriate. The permit shall be issued or denied by the mayor and council, considered for these purposes to be the fire prevention bureau, based upon consideration of the nature of the occasion, the nature of the applicant, and the public safety. Any permit issued under this subsection shall be limited to one time only for which issued. (Ord. 606, 5-14-1992)
 (B) Permitted fireworks may be sold in fireworks packages at retail commencing not earlier than eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. on June 30 and continuing until twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight on July 4. Fireworks may be lawfully discharged by the consumer from eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. on June 30 until twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight on July 5, provided that their use is not then illegal pursuant to the uniform fire code and the existing natural fire hazard conditions. Permitted fireworks shall not be used or possessed in hazardous fire areas or under hazardous fire conditions the existence of which may be publicly declared by the fire chief. Fireworks in violation of this section are subject to seizure.
 (C) The city council will not extend the period of sale beyond the period indicated in this section to accommodate sales on weekends.
 (D) Permits to sell fireworks under the provisions of a vendor permit will be limited to five (5) hawkers in the city and will be available to requestors on a first-come, first-served basis. No preference will be made for any organization in the permitting process. Permits for sale will commence on the first business day in May and continue until five (5) permits are issued.

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