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 It shall be unlawful for any person to do, or cause or permit to be done, after April 5, 1976, whether acting as principal, agent, or employee, any construction, improvement, extension, alteration, or demolition of any building, residence, or structure, coming under the purview of this act, within the planning jurisdiction of the city of McCall without first procuring a permit authorizing such work to be done. (Ord. 640, 5-12-1994, eff. 5-19-1994) 

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Codes and Construction Information

Codes and Construction Info.    Click here for amended and other adopted codes.

Applications, Instructions, and Forms

Applications Instructions, and Forms

McCall Specific Design Information Snowload, Frost Depth, Design Criteria, P&Z info, Design Guidelines

Design Information  McCall specific Design Criteria, P&Z info, Design Guidelines

Radon in Idaho

Radon in Idaho   Radon affects more than one in four homes in McCall.

Green Building Resources

Green Building Resources  Resources for improving your energy efficiency

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Do I need a Building Permit?

In general, yes. Please contact the Building Official or Permit Tech to verify.

What requires a permit and what are some examples?
  • New buildings
  • Remodels and Additions
  • Interior remodels that involve new walls/moving walls, structural repairs or rebuilding, new insulation, etc.
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Sheds greater than 200 sq ft
  • Demolition of structures
  • Signs (with power or free-standing) 
  • Retaining walls over 48" 
  • Re-roofs
  • Site grading, grubbing, tree removal
What is exempt from a building permit? Some examples are:

Sheds under 200sf (residential) or 120sf (commercial)
Remodels/Refurbishing that are finish work only (including painting, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, non-structural, etc.)

Tiny Homes and Yurts FAQs

Tiny Homes F.A.Q.

  1. Definition of Tiny House:  A dwelling that is four hundred (400) square feet or less in floor area excluding lofts.
  2. A Tiny House is a very specific type of construction.  A really small house is not necessarily a Tiny House.  You can find a link to the Tiny Homes code here:
  3. Tiny Houses are allowed and must be on a permanent foundation and connected to water and sewer.
  4. Small houses that are not Tiny Houses are allowed and must meet all the building code requirements for a regular house.  The smallest possible house is 120 sf.  If you are looking for relaxation to certain code requirements, then using the Tiny Home code might be the direction you want to go.
  5. Tiny Houses and small houses must meet all of the requirements of the IRC (Idaho Residential Code), including insulation and structural.  Link to the IRC is found on this page:
  6. Buildings may not be built off-site unless they are considered “manufactured homes” or “modular homes” and are inspected by the State of Idaho.



Yurts F.A.Q.

  1. Yurts are allowed and are considered Single-family Dwellings.  They must be on a permanent foundation, contain all necessary elements for habitation (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and connected to water and sewer.
  2. Yurts must be insulated for our climate and engineered for our snow loads.
  3. Engineered foundation plans and yurt specifications are required.  Contact the building department for yurt design-specific discussion.
  4. The use of yurts without a building permit is considered camping and is illegal and code enforcement action may be taken.


Does the City of McCall require a Building Permit to remodel an existing house?

Yes. The building code states a Building Permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any structure. A Building Permit is not required when repainting a structure. Windows do not need permits provided the size of the window openings will not change; enlarging the size or changing location will require a permit. Re-siding the entire structure requires a building permit. Doors require a building permit only if the size of the opening is being altered or expanding.

What if it is a Patio Cover/Awning or Pergola?

Any structure attached to another structure, regardless of size, requires a permit.

I want to put in a deck, what is required?

Decks over 200sf, attached or detached require a permit. Decks over 30" off the ground require a permit.  Any deck 30” above finish grade requires guard rails.

Does the City of McCall require a Building Permit to re-roof an existing structure?

Yes. A Roof Permit is required for re-roofing of all projects.

Does the City of McCall require a Building Permit for a fence?

Yes. Fence permits are avaliable online or at City Hall. Fences cannot be greater than four feet in height within 20 feet of the front property line and cannot excede 6 feet in height elsewhere. Chainlink fences are not permitted.

What are the requirements to pour a concrete slab?

Typically, a permit is not required for a slab-on-grade. However, slabs in buildings with required rebar or radiant heating tubes should be inspected.

Does the City of McCall require a Building Permit for a Manufactured Home?

Yes. A manufactured home requires a Building Permit. The Building Official will require the same site information required from an applicant seeking a building permit for a single family dwelling.

Can I remove trees from my property?

That depends. Tree removal is limited to 20% of the trees per lot and removal of any tree 12 inches in diameter or greater requires approval from the City Arborist.

Visitability - What is it and why should I consider it when designing a home?

Visitability refers to single-family or owner-occupied housing designed in such a way that it can be lived in or visited by people who have trouble with steps or who use wheelchairs or walkers. 

A house is visitable when it meets three basic requirements:

  1. one zero-step entrance.
  1. doors with 32 inches of clear passage space.
  1. one bathroom on the main floor you can get into in a wheelchair.

Please visit this link to learn more about how you can design your home to be visitable:

How do I find snow load information?

Snow load and other design criteria are found here.

Where do I find answers to questions about setbacks?

Other questions regarding setbacks can often be found in the Residential Development Guide. 

Are there hours of operation for building in McCall?

Yes, Hours of Operation: Building construction or site work shall be limited to the hours of six o'clock (6:00) A.M. to ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. If construction is within one thousand feet (1,000') of a residential area, equipment operation shall be limited to the hours of seven thirty o'clock (7:30) A.M. to ten o'clock (10:00) P.M., and auxiliary construction lighting shall be limited to one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, unless otherwise approved by the administrator. On Sunday, the hours of operation are limited to nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. to six o'clock (6:00) P.M. Hours of operation may be extended with the approval of the city depending on natural events or other concerns which may require continuous operation.

Are there impact fees?

The City of McCall will be collecting McCall Fire Protection District fees as a part of building permits. Effective October 14th, 2023, Developers constructing a NEW Dwelling Unit - homes or apartments -  in McCall will now pay $1,845 per unit, or 74 cents per square foot, for NEW commercial spaces. For more information, please visit or the McCall Fire Protection District here:

Assistance Information & Contacts
Who do I call for questions or to coordinate submissions?

For questions, to coordinate submissions, or to make an appointment, contact Permit Technician Rachel Santiago-Govier - | 208.634.7052.   

How do I schedule Building inspections?

See Building Permit for details.

Contact John Powell | 208.634.8648

Allow 24 hour notice, 48 hours to inspect.

How do I apply for Public Works Permits?

Visit: or for more information contact Jodi Weaver

How do I apply for Utility Billing Application

Use this link to apply or contact Bobette Steffler

Who do I call with inquiries regarding Planning and Zoning?

Visit our Planning and Zoning pages here: or contact City Planner, Brian Parker at 208.634.4256 or Assistant City Planner, Meredith Todd 208.634.4168.