Public Works Permit

IMPORTANT: The Public Works Department no longer accepts incomplete permit applications.
 Please have all of the required documentation as outlined below at time of submission.

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 Water Meter installation is required prior to the Footing Inspection.

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City of McCall Public Works Permit

Permits are required for working and/or excavation within the public right of way, including maintenance or repairs of driveways, tree removal, underground utilities and any work associated with water services within 4 feet of the city’s water meter pits. Any operation that will interfere with or restrict street lanes or sidewalks also requires a Public Works Permit.


What is a permit?

A permit grants the holder authorization to perform specific construction and excavation work. The permit identifies the party responsible for overseeing and completing all work performed within the City’s rights-of way or public property.  It also assures that party is properly insured and bonded to cover any damages that occur to public or private property.  

If you engage in construction work in the public right of way without an approved permit you may be charged with a misdemeanor and/or fined $300.00.

What are the specific requirements and restrictions of a Public Works Permit?

  1. Complete Public Works Permit Application (hard or electronic copy)
  2. Attached site plan that is to scale, has North labeled, and identifies the proposed work to be completed within the public ROW.
    1. If driveway construction is proposed, include driveway location, width at the edge of pavement/gravel as well as at the property line and any drainage facilities (culverts, curb and gutter, drainage swale, etc.)
    2. Identify the location of all utilities (water meters, power/phone cable junction boxes, etc.).
    3. Property boundaries are also required on the site plan (both front and side)
  3. Prior to approving the PW Permit Application, PW staff will complete a preliminary site inspection.   In order to properly evaluate the site and the application, the following must be present onsite:
    1. Property pins shall be marked (lath or other stake with hi-visibility flagging/paint.
    2. Property address shall be posted and visible from roadway.
  4. ALL applications require copy of the applicant’s current liability insurance. (hard or electronic copy)
  5. ALL applications require a copy of the applicant’s current ROW bond policy ($7,500 minimum). (hard or electronic copy)
  6. ALL applications SHALL include a written Traffic Control Plan appropriate for the work to be performed.
  7. Payment of the appropriate fee is required when submitting the permit application (see section below)
  8. Applicable fees of either $60 for a Driveway (only) or $125 for all other Public Works Permits must be paid.
  9. Additional information may be required depending on the nature of the work.

Why are you required to permit your work with the City of McCall’s Public Works Department?

The purpose of the permit system is to ensure compliance with current City Code and safety standards.  More importantly, the permit system ensures that individuals completing work within the public’s property are properly insured and bonded against damages or accidents to public and private property that can and do occur when work is performed.  Lastly, The City Council has authorized a permit fee structure to cover only the costs of inspections and administration of the permitting process.  

Why am I required to have both Liability Insurance AND a Right of Way Bond naming the City of McCall?

The permittee and any successor agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify through properly acquired Liability Insurance and ROW Bond the City of McCall.  Repairs necessary to the Public Right of Way due to any work or occupancy shall be the responsibility of the permittee.  There will be both a 12-month and a 24-month Public Works inspection performed following all permitted activities to ensure the endurance of the work that has taken place.

How do I obtain a Public Works Permit?

You can download a permit application by clicking on the link below. Once it is completed  and all of the requirements on the permit are met (site plan, contractor information, insurance and payment) and it has been signed, you can submit the application package either in person at the Public Works department Office located at 815 N. Sampson Trail in McCall, by mail to: 216 E. Park Street, McCall, Idaho, 83638 or electronically to

Does a permit ever expire?

If work is not completed within the time frame stated on the permit application, it will be necessary to formally update the Public Works Permit with the Public Works Department.  

When can I complete work the within the City’s ROWs that has been permitted?

Typically, the City will allow work to commence within the City’s ROWs between May 1st and October 15th.  However, cold/freezing spring and fall weather may restrict this time frame.  Requests to complete work outside of these dates must receive prior authorization from the Public Works Director or Street Superintendent.


Streets - Typical Details / Driveway Codes

Streets - All Standard Drawing Package

Click the link below to download the permit:

Public Works Permit Application

Utility Billing forms can be found here.

I have a question not covered in this FAQ?
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