Mission Street Project

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Project Location and Limits:

  • Located on Mission Street from South City Limits (just south of Smokejumper Base) to Deinhard Lane.
  • The length of the project is approximately 0.6 miles.
  • Generally, the road runs south-north between the North Fork Payette River and SH-55, west of the City of McCall Airport.

Project Funding:

  • This project is funded through Idaho Department of Transporation Reimbursable Agreement with Local Match as part of STP Rural Federal Aid Program administered by Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC). administered STP Rural Federal Aid Program.

Project Team:

  • Local Sponsor: City of McCall
  • Project Administrator: Wayne Herbel, Local Highway Technical Assistance Council  (LHTAC)
  • Design Consultant Project Manager: Stephen Waldinger, Forsgren Associates, Inc.
  • Public Involvement Sub-Consultant: Sarah Beardsley, Bionomics

Primary Construction Improvements: 

  • Rehabilitate and repave Mission Street throughout length of project
  • Construct new 10’ wide paved pathway from South City Limits to Jacob Street
    • This will connect pathway that ends at Jacob Street to North Valley Rail Trail south of McCall
  • Construct 4’ wide bicycle lanes from Jacob Street to Deinhard Lane
  • Improved roadway drainage and snow storage facilities to protect roadway and adjoining properties

Stakeholder Outreach:

  • Community members, stakeholders, and adjacent property owners are encouraged to comment on this project.  The project team members are available to speak over the phone or answers e-mails.
  • After preliminary design, a virtual public hearing will be held for a formal presentation of the project and to solicit input from the public. The virtual public hearing is tentatively scheduled for August 23 - September 12, 2021.
  • Property owners fronting Mission Street have been contacted through letters and in-person meetings when requested to review impacts to vehicle access and approaches to Mission Street.  If property owners fronting Mission Street still have questions regarding access, they should reach out to the project team.
  • To comment or learn more about this project please call Sam Larrondo of Forsgren Associates at (208) 342-3144 or e-mail him at slarrondo@forsgren.com.  Comments can also be mailed to Sam Larrondo of Forsgren Associates at 917 S Lusk Street Suite 300, Boise, ID 83706.

Construction Impacts:

  • Mission Street and business access along Mission Street will remain open throughout construction.
  • All traffic will be limited to one lane.  Flaggers and temporary signals are anticipated to control construction traffic.

Anticipated Project Design Schedule:

  • Preliminary Design: Summer/Fall 2020
  • Stakeholder Outreach: Summer 2021
  • Final Design: Summer 2022
  • Delivery of Bid Documents: Fall 2022

Anticipated Construction:

  • Summer 2026