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Michelle Groenevelt
E.D. Planner
Delta James
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John Powell
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Brian Parker
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Rachel Santiago-Govier
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 Local Housing Incentive Program

Purpose: As outlined in the 2018 McCall Area Comprehensive Plan and the City of McCall Housing Strategy, a Local Housing Program that includes a number of tools to create a variety of for-sale or rental units with various price points is needed in order to support a year-around community. As part of the Local Housing Program, this incentive-based program intends to encourage the private sector to build units with deed restrictions to increase the supply of housing for locals. Deed restrictions are an important tool to ensure housing units for locals stay affordable for the long-term for other locals who are interested in renting or purchasing a unit in the city of McCall. These restrictions ensure permanent affordability.

Incentive: Maximum Incentive Value: $10,000 of value per unit, provided that units are deed or lease restricted for local housing and meet the criteria set forth in the Incentive Program. The Incentive will be calculated for the value of the incentive amount and will be issued on a reimbursement basis. The Local Housing Incentive Program is contingent upon available funding.

Eligibility: Project must be located within the McCall City limits and have recorded approved deed restrictions for units to be eligible for the incentive.

Examples for Incentive Expenditure: The following are the priorities for expenditures for the incentive (value up to $10,000/unit) but may not be limited to:  

  • Public street improvements
  • Public sidewalk/pathways
  • Upgrades to City utilities (water, fiber)
  • Undergrounding of overhead utilities (power, telecommunications)
  • Water hookup fees
  • Parks in-lieu fees as required by MCC 9.3.10
  • Building / P&Z application fees

Funding Sources:

The following is a list of funding sources but may not be limited to:

  • City General Funds / LOT
  • Water hookup fees (water fund must be repaid by source above)
  • Utility Franchise fees
  • Building / P&Z application fees
  • City-owned property

Deed Restrictions

A deed restriction placed on the property will determine how an owner may use, rent or resell the property or unit. Rather than link the local housing program to income categories, the purpose of the criteria for the deed restrictions would focus on people who work in the community to also have housing within McCall. Deed restrictions for rental, for sale or employer-owned units would define and include the following criteria set forth here.

Criteria:  The purpose of the criteria is to define how deed restrictions will be developed depending on the ownership, type of unit or development, and other considerations based on a project-by-project evaluation.

Criteria for all projects: These minimum requirements apply to all deed-restricted units:

  • Employed, work minimum 30 hours/week or 1,560 hours/year, within the city for a set period (6 months) or have employment offer from a McCall Business; orFinal Map Exhibit A.jpg
  • Senior (age 65 and older) as primary resident; or
  • Person with disability; and
  • No short-term/vacation renting or sub-leasing.

For Rent Units: Must meet the general criteria for all projects and may be subject to the following:

  • Rent Control to ensure affordability typically tied to Consumer Price Index; and
  • Annual or random audits of leases.

For Sale Units: Must meet the general criteria for all projects and may be  subject to the following:

  • Restriction on resale price based on maximum annual appreciation rate for sale units (i.e.3% of original purchase price and cost of improvements, typically tied to the Consumer Price Index, or other measure such as Median Household Income).

Land Banking

The City Council has committed to creating a fund annually for the purpose of purchasing land for the purpose of creating deed-restricted Local Housing.

  • Housing Policy Implementation Fund- an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the unassigned fund balance calculated as of September 30 each fiscal year after all other minimum fund balances described in the paragraphs above are satisfied. This amount shall be classified for uses approved by the City Council to implement the City’s adopted Housing Policy.

Code Updates

The City of McCall is currently in the process of drafting updates to the McCall Area Code for the City and County. Numerous ideas were identified and evaluated in a joint work session with the McCall Area Planning and Zoning Commission and governing bodies.  Many of the code updates will address local housing needs and also include seasonal housing provisions. 

Housing Advisory Committee Page

Financial assistance for Idaho renters affected by COVID-19

Idaho renters affected by COVID-19 may be eligible for financial assistance through Idaho Housing and Finance Association’s Housing Preservation Program. The program, which is available only to renters, provides short-term rent and utility support for Idahoans experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic. To qualify, renters must have a current household income of 80% of Area Median Income or less, owe past-due rent or utilities or be unable to pay upcoming rent or utilities. Those interested in the program should go to www.idahohousing.com/covid-19 and click on the “help for renters” tab to learn more about the qualifications or to submit an application. Further assistance is available by calling Idaho Housing and Finance Association at 1-855-452-0801.