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General Information
C.E.D. Director
Michelle Groenevelt
E.D. Planner
Delta James
Building Official
John Powell
City Planner
Brian Parker
Permit Tech
Rachel Santiago-Govier
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
216 E Park Street

Use the map widget to find your property (or open the widget in a new tab), and see how it relates to special planning zones, understand the topography of the surrounding land, and other information related to land use and building permits.

The 'layers' within the map widget include: 

  • Tax Parcel Boundaries
    Tax Parcel data is a simplified version of the authoritative parcel data available from Valley County P&Z. We augment the parcel data with some statistics related to the grade or slope of the ground covered by this parcel.  Parcel data is updated from county periodically, and is not updated in real-time. 
  • Subdivisions
    Subdivision data also comes from Valley County P&Z. We include basic information to obtain plats (book, page, inst no.) and in many cases, a link is provided to load the plat directly.
  • McCall City Limits
  • McCall Impact Area
  • Roads (by functional classification)
  • Zoning
  • Special Land Use Districts. Includes many of the special zones which affect building and land use:
    (Note that buffers from the river are based on the 1% floodplain as provided by FEMA)
  • Water Distribution Network
    Water mains and basic infrastructure to deliver water to addresses. 
    A color graphic symbology showing where land is steep or relatively flat.  This is derived from contour information, but at lower resolution. 

Questions or feedback about data in this map:  Contact

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