Local Housing Action Plan

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Local Housing Action Plan

Overview of Project: As outlined in the 2018 McCall Area Comprehensive Plan and the City of McCall Housing Strategy, a Local Housing Program that includes a number of tools to create a variety of for-sale or rental units with various price points is needed in order to support a year-around community. As part of the Local Housing Program, another critical step to accomplishing community goals involves creating an Action Plan to guide the specific steps and actions the city and other community stakeholders can take to provide more long-term units to our local community. 

In 2022, the City of McCall will work with WSW Consulting and key stakeholders in the local community to develop a Community Housing Action Plan. This means ensuring that we have the community stakeholders – organizations, non-profits, developers, funders, real estate professionals, employers, and other resourceful entities – at the table to discuss local housing needs and work together to devise strategies to address them. The plan will:

  • Target community goals and objectives related to local housing needs;
  • Explore and prioritize strategies, including existing strategies;
  • Establish roles, responsibilities, and timing; and
  • Discuss a framework for the overall management, tracking, and updates of the plan.

This process will engage the community in helping to address a community-wide problem; maximize partnerships, sharing, and application of resources; and focus momentum toward a common housing goal and objectives within the community. 


Steering Committee Members:

Meeting Agendas:

Steering Committee Meeting #1 - January 14, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting #2 - February 11, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting #3 - March 16, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting #4 - March 23, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting #5 - April 21, 2022

Meeting Packets: Meeting and Discussion Materials produced by the Housing Action Planning Steering Committee and consulting group can be accessed below as they are generated.

Staff Contact Information:

For more information on the Housing Action Plan process, or to learn more about the ever evolving Local-Housing Program at the City of McCall, please reach out to the following staff members:

General Questions:

Meredith Todd - Assistant Planner

208-634-4168 // mtodd@mccall.id.us

Planning & Zoning for Local Housing:

Brian Parker - City Planner

208-634-4256 // bparker@mccall.id.us

Policy & Implementation:

Michelle Groenevelt - Community & Economic Development Director

208-634-5229 // mgroenevelt@mccall.id.us