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General Information
C.E.D. Director
Michelle Groenevelt
E.D. Planner
Delta James
Building Official
John Powell
City Planner
Brian Parker
Permit Tech
Rachel Santiago-Govier
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
216 E Park Street

A General-Purpose map of McCall Area. It is a minimal map, with only essential layers and few feature, but suited to cruise the area to get basic information.

The Applicant Helper map is meant to provide essential information for folks applying for land use or building permits. Use this if you want to know your zone or if you fall within a restricted land use area (e.g. Scenic Route or Shoreline Environs Buffer, etc). 

The 'Deluxe' Property Info / Applicant Helper app is a beefed-up version of the essential viewer above. It contains more detailed information, and a few more layers.  Because its data payload is bigger, it will perform more slowly. 

This is a helper application to assist property-owners who may need to send notice to neighbors for one reason or another. The parcel data and ownership information is obtained directly from Valley County tax records.

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For Digital Data Submissions (surveys, plats, civil engineering drawings, etc):

Digital Data Submission Standards outline the accuracy and formatting requirements for submitted drawings.

Sample CAD Drawings to help you get started in preparing the necessary technical drawings.