Planning Department

The City Planner improves the quality of life, design, infrastructure, and economy through the regulation of land development. Working with the McCall Area Comprehensive Plan, the McCall City Code, and State and Federal regulations, ensuring with staff that development proposals meet applicable codes. Staff supports the land-use decision-making functions of the McCall Area Planning and Zoning Commission within the City and the Impact Area and provides administrative decisions while also supporting the land-use decision-making functions of the City Council and the Valley County Board of Commissioners for the City and the Impact Area, respectively.

Long-range planning activities include the continual update and implementation of the McCall Area Comprehensive Plan, zoning and subdivision codes, and other policy and regulatory documents to better articulate the community’s vision. In addition to the City Council and P&Z, the Department also staffs the Urban Renewal Agency, the McCall Improvement Committee, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the Environmental Advisory Committee. The staff attends meetings for the Central Idaho Historical Museum (CIHM), Big Payette Watershed Advisory Group (WAG), Idaho Smart Growth, and the Payette River National Scenic Byway. The department also staffs working citizen committees that are trying to solve planning issues (i.e. Downtown Parking Committee and Airport Code Revision Committee).

Planning and Zoning Commission and  Agendas, Minutes and Application Packets

Guiding Documents

Code and Compliance

Land Use Applications and Information


Administrative Determinations and Memoranda