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McCall Parks & Rec will be offering a Spring Soccer League for youth in 2 divisions: U10 (under age 10) Fall Soccer - Fall 2015Mondays (practice) & Wednesdays (games)Games at 5:30 or PM-6:30 PM U8 (und...

McCall's First Adult Softball 2 Pitch Tournament for Labor Day Weekend  Sept 5 & 6! McCall's Park & Recreation will be hosting its first Co-Ed two pitch tournament Saturday & Sunday of Labor Day weekend. There will be a 4 game guarantee....

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The City of McCall, Idaho Welcomes You!
Our goal is to provide you with helpful information about McCall's City government. If you need additional information, please contact us by phone, email or postal mail. The City Manager, Nate Coyle, has an Open Door session most Wednesdays from Noon-3:00 pm.
A message from the Mayor,
August 27, 2015
Dear Residents of McCall,
You may have noticed the Pacific Northwest is in the midst of one of the worst fire seasons in history. As evidenced by the smoke, fire is all around us. Thankfully, we have fire fighters and fire managers in our midst who are looking out for us the best they can.
We in McCall need to count our lucky stars that we have thus far dodged a bullet. I say “thus far” because we are not out of the woods. The wind might shift, lightning could strike or a cigarette could be carelessly tossed into the weeds and we would be packing, ready to evacuate in spite of the resources in town. Remember our firefighting crews and equipment may be based in McCall but they are often fighting fires far from home.
I know everyone is aware of our fire risk but I also understand that folks in town are up to their eyeballs in work, family, visitors and stress and sometimes don’t have minute to think about fire. You may or may not know that McCall was designated as a Firewise community, the first in Valley, Adams and Idaho County. Just last week, Rio Vista was also recognized as a Firewise neighborhood. Firewise is a voluntary federal educational program that encourages neighborhoods and towns to reduce their risk of wild fire. Being designated as a Firewise Community is a first step and gives us tools for a fire mitigation toolbox. It is up to residents to use the tools and continue the effort.
The City of McCall is under Stage I fire restrictions along with the rest of Valley County. Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire or stove fire is prohibited on all public lands except within an agency designated recreation site and only within an agency provided structure. Private residents can still use their backyard fire pits as long as they meet certain criteria. Acceptable guidelines for a fire pit are: 25 feet from a structure, the pit must be at minimum 2 feet in height and 3 feet in width with a means of extinguishment (hose).  No other open burning is allowed under Stage I fire restrictions.
Secondly, smoking is prohibited, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials.
Please take a moment to thank a firefighter, check out the Firewise website, follow the Stage 1 Fire Restrictions to the letter, like the Payette Forest Facebook page and do all that you can to protect your family, property and community. It is up to all of us to do what we can to protect the jewel of Idaho.
Kindest Regards,
Jackie J. Aymon
Mayor, City of McCall

URGENT! Alternate Day Sprinkling in Effect for City Water Users! [MORE]

Downtown Parking Survey

The City of McCall is seeking the public’s opinion regarding the necessity of regulating street parking in downtown McCall.  The City has created a short on-line survey for those interested in the state of downtown parking. The survey takes approximately two minutes to complete
The survey will be available until August 27, 2015.

Please direct comments or questions regarding the survey or parking to Sergeant Pete Rittenger,
208-634-7144 or Thank you for your time and input.


CodeRED Emergency Notification System

The Valley County CodeRED Emergency Notification System provides the public with the ability to receive voice, text, or email notifications generated by government and public safety officials. For questions about the system or assistance in signing up, please call the Valley County Sheriff's Office information line at 208-382-7150.

Sign up for public notifications using CodeRED here.


2015 General City Election Calendar
The McCall City Council will have two, four-year terms on the ballot, November 3, 2015. A "Declaration of Candidacy" form must be filed at the McCall City Hall between
Monday, August 24, 2015, 8:00 AM, and Friday, September 4, 2015, 5:00 PM at:

McCall City Hall 
216 E. Park Street
McCall, ID 83638

Declaration of Candidacy form

Petition of Candidacy form

City Hall is undergoing an exterior construction project. The more than thirty-year-old building is getting some energy-efficiency upgrades. City Hall will get new siding, insulation and windows. Part of the building, the south and west sides, were completed in fiscal year 2014. The north and east sides will be completed later this summer.

Our contractors and staff are doing their best to keep the mess to a minimum and to mitigate hazards, but please watch your step when you are accessing the building. If you need assistance to access the City Hall during construction, please call the front desk, 208-634-7142.

If you have questions about the project, please contact the City of McCall Building Official, John Powell, 208-634-8648, or

Request for Qualifications:

Professional aviation planning and airport engineering services at the McCall Municipal Airport. Statements of Qualifications must be received at the City of McCall, 216 E. Park Street, McCall, ID 83638 attention Nathan Coyle Airport Manager by 5:00 p.m. local time on September 1, 2015.

Centennial Plaza Commemorative Bricks

Purchase an engraved brick to celebrate, commemorate or dedicate. Your brick will serve as a legacy in Centennial Plaza, located in downtown McCall—built in honor of McCall’s incorporation, July 19, 1911.

McCall Historic Preservation Commission
Do you have an interesting, unique or special photo of McCall that you are willing to share?  The McCall Historic Preservation Commission is creating a DVD of McCall’s history from 1890 to 1990 and needs your help! Photos of buildings, events, people and happenings from that 100-year period are needed to help the Commission tell the story of McCall’s early days. 

The DVD will highlight some of the lesser-known aspects of McCall and how it developed over time from a mining and milling town to what we know today.
(pictured above, Tom & Louisa McCall family)

If you are willing to loan your little piece of McCall’s past, please contact Carol Coyle at or (208) 634-3504.  Original photos will be returned to the owner and the owner will receive photo credit in the production.

Why are we Concerned about
Radon in Valley County?

Radon is found in every county in Idaho. Across the state, 40% of homes test high for radon. In specific areas that percentage is much higher. Radon levels in homes can vary greatly depending on the type of construction and the geology of the location. For that reason it is important that everyone test, even those who live in areas where radon levels are not expected to be high. [READ MORE]

McCall Area Trails
The City GIS Department has been working with our local community groups and the US Forest Service to produce high quality digital maps that can be downloaded to your mobile device and used to navigate some of the McCall Area trails.

These maps can be downloaded from Afvenzoar PDF maps either through the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android. For more information, CLICK HERE to go to the GIS Page for full descriptions of the maps and how to instructions for downloading.

Learn what you can do to make McCall a bear smart community
There has been increased bear activity within the McCall this past year. Click here to learn more about the situation and what action you should take. If we all work together, everyone wins: the McCall's citizens and black bears.

City of McCall
216 E. Park Street
McCall, ID 83638

PHONE: 208-634-7142
FAX: 208-634-3038


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