Street Improvement Projects

The Public Works Department has multiple street improvement projects in the pipeline at all times. The Street Local Option Tax provides funding supports the important goals in place to improve our roadways.Revenue created from this local option tax is estimated at more than $800,000 per year and is a substantial increase to improving McCall roadways.  Maintaining our streets is an ongoing responsibility. The Streets Local Option Tax will be collected for the next ten years and put to use in our city beyond the year 2022.

  • The 1% sales tax within the municipal boundaries of the City of McCall— excludes food groceries and motor vehicle sales, as defined in the ordinance.

The guidelines of the ordinance can be found under the Street Local Option Tax.

Each project has a dedicated page that provides public information and may include any of the following as appropriate:

  • Project Overview
  • Timelines
  • Events
  • Surveys
  • Construction Updates
  • Surveys
  • Presentations

Commerce Street

Downtown Reconstruction Project

Idaho Street