Street Project: E. Deinhard Lane, SH55 to Samson Trail

UPDATE 7/15/2024: The Deinhard pathway between the school and HWY 55 will be closed this week from Wednesday through Friday (7/17-19/2024) while the City’s Contractor completes surface restoration to the path. Users will be directed to take alternate routes or use road shoulders with caution. 


Project Contacts:   Kyle Hickman (Construction Manager, Crestline Engineers), 208-634-4140,


Project Name: Deinhard Lane, SH-55 to Samson Trail Improvements

Construction Budget:      ~$4,800,000

Project Funding:              ~$1,910,000      Streets LOT

                                        ~$1,510,000      Idaho Transportation Department (District 3)

                                        ~$100,000          ITD Local Rural Highway Improvement Program Grant Award

                                        ~$280,000          ITD Child Pedestrian Safety Grant Award – For pathway improvements along Deinhard Lane  

                                        ~$1,000,000       Water Department

Project Overview:  This project will fully reconstruct Deinhard Lane from Samson Trail to SH-55 with a new asphalt road surface and add turn lane improvements to both SH-55 and Deinhard Lane  Specific project components include:

  • CRABS (Cement Recycled Asphalt Base Section) rehabilitation of Deinhard Lane between Samson Trail and Commerce Street.  
    • Stormwater culvert improvements will also be completed in this section. 
  • Complete road section (sub-base, base, and asphalt) reconstruction of Deinhard Lane (between Commerce Street and SH-55)
  • Turn lane improvements at SH-55 and Deinhard Lane:  
    • a new dedicated northbound, east-turning lane will be constructed on SH-55
    • a new dedicated westbound south turn lane will be added to Deinhard Lane (at SH-55)
  • Pathway and pedestrian improvements:
    • Seal-coating of the existing separated pathway (between Idaho First Bank and Samson Trail)
    • A new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk signal for the Deinhard Lane crosswalk at Valley Springs Road
    • A new, separated pathway extension along the north side of Deinhard Lane (from Idaho First Bank to the corner of Deinhard and SH-55)

 Major Construction Milestones/current schedule (subject to change):

  • Deinhard Lane (Samson Trail – Commerce) Paving and open to public use: by the end of October
  • Deinhard Lane (Commerce Street – Samson Trail) by mid-October
  • SH-55 Turn Lane and Pathway paving and open to public use: by mid-October


Click Here to Explore Project Plans

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