Street Project: E. Deinhard Lane, SH55 to Samson Trail

UPDATE 5.10.2024: Minimal impacts to traffic lanes will occur during ongoing construction through the end of June. Landscaping and pedestrian pathway improvements are scheduled to be completed by the end of June.


Project Contacts:   Kyle Hickman (Construction Manager, Crestline Engineers), 208-634-4140,


Project Name: Deinhard Lane, SH-55 to Samson Trail Improvements

Construction Budget:      ~$4,800,000

Project Funding:              ~$1,910,000      Streets LOT

                                        ~$1,510,000      Idaho Transportation Department (District 3)

                                        ~$100,000          ITD Local Rural Highway Improvement Program Grant Award

                                        ~$280,000          ITD Child Pedestrian Safety Grant Award – For pathway improvements along Deinhard Lane  

                                        ~$1,000,000       Water Department

Project Overview:  This project will fully reconstruct Deinhard Lane from Samson Trail to SH-55 with a new asphalt road surface and add turn lane improvements to both SH-55 and Deinhard Lane  Specific project components include:

  • CRABS (Cement Recycled Asphalt Base Section) rehabilitation of Deinhard Lane between Samson Trail and Commerce Street.  
    • Stormwater culvert improvements will also be completed in this section. 
  • Complete road section (sub-base, base, and asphalt) reconstruction of Deinhard Lane (between Commerce Street and SH-55)
  • Turn lane improvements at SH-55 and Deinhard Lane:  
    • a new dedicated northbound, east-turning lane will be constructed on SH-55
    • a new dedicated westbound south turn lane will be added to Deinhard Lane (at SH-55)
  • Pathway and pedestrian improvements:
    • Seal-coating of the existing separated pathway (between Idaho First Bank and Samson Trail)
    • A new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk signal for the Deinhard Lane crosswalk at Valley Springs Road
    • A new, separated pathway extension along the north side of Deinhard Lane (from Idaho First Bank to the corner of Deinhard and SH-55)

 Major Construction Milestones/current schedule (subject to change):

  • Deinhard Lane (Samson Trail – Commerce) Paving and open to public use: by the end of October
  • Deinhard Lane (Commerce Street – Samson Trail) by mid-October
  • SH-55 Turn Lane and Pathway paving and open to public use: by mid-October


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