Street Project: Downtown Core - 1st Street "Park St. to Lake St."

9/25/2023 UPDATE: Final Completion Inspection Date is scheduled for 9/27/2023

  • Phase 3B is going to be going out to bid this fall for a 2024 construction year.

8/3/2023 UPDATE: Knife River completed paving the week of August 7th, 2023 

There will be multiple closures of 1st Street through the duration of construction. Our goal is to keep the 1st Street Parking lot and access to businesses open as long as possible. Water shutoffs will be noticed to affected property owners in advance of the shutoff. Please return for updates on closure timelines

Downtown Core Phase 3A utility work on 1st Street from Park to SH55 to prepare for future and complete streets upgrades on 1st Street. Knife River has began construction on the water main on 1st Street as of 6/5/2023. They have completed the water main tie in the E. Lake Street intersection and are working their way south with water main installation and water services. They will be working on installing new water services to the properties north of the Lenora St. Intersection. Starting on or around 6/19, the Contractor will shift to the south side of 1st Street and will begin installing water main pipe towards Park St., along with water services to the associated properties along 1st Street. 1st street remains closed from E. Lake St. to W. Park St, however, the south half of the 1st Street parking lot remains open for business access and parking. Pedestrian traffic is encouraged to detour around the construction site, however sidewalks will remain open as long as possible along the east side of first street. Traffic control and fencing is subject to change as the construction progresses.

During closures, motorists are advised to use alternative routes and follow the posted detour signs. Pedestrians and cyclists are also urged to exercise caution when navigating the affected areas.

Local businesses and residents are encouraged to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements to minimize any inconvenience caused by the road closure. 

Project contact: Rob Pair - Crestline Engineers, 208-634-4140

For more information on the project, Text the word CLOSURE to 208-271-9002 to view updates and closures on your mobile phone. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this road closure and thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during this important project.

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Updated | Public Works | 8/03/2023

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