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Public Works Located at: 815 N Samson Trail
Public Works Mail Address: 216 E. Park Street
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The City does NOT issue permits or allow NEW mailbox’s to be installed along City maintained public streets.

The City does NOT allow NEW mailboxes to be installed within City maintained public rights-of way (ROW), because it is impractical for property owners to keep mailboxes clear of snow during the winter plow season when City plow operations are occurring 24/7.  Mailboxes inevitably get damaged by snow plowing activities (either by the City or private contractors).   These issues result in the USPS being unable to deliver mail in a timely, consistent manner.


1. If a property owner/mail customer can install the mailbox in:

  • an area inside the owner’s property (not in the City ROW) without obstructing any City ROW, easements or maintenance activities, and
  • does not require the delivery vehicle to access the mailbox via the roadside of a City Street, and
  • gets approval from the USPS McCall Postmaster confirming that they will deliver to this mailbox located on private property, then that is acceptable and no City permitting is required. (Example: condominium HOA installs a group mailbox within the complex’s parking lot or private driveway)  

2. Existing mailboxes located and accessed by USPS delivery vehicles on City streets and ROWs

  • are allowed, provided they do not create a snow plowing or safety issue.  If the location of an existing mailbox is deemed to be a safety issue or creates an undue burden on the City’s snow plowing activities, that existing mailbox may be required to be removed from the City’s ROW.

3. A new mailbox that is proposed to be co-located on an already existing mailbox post that is recognized by the Public Works Department.  No City permitting is required for co-locate installation on an existing mailbox post.

4. Requests for mailboxes to be located on Private streets or public streets that are outside the City limits need to be approved by the HOA or other entity (i.e., Valley County) that has management control over the street in addition to the USPS McCall Postmaster.  No City permitting is required for mailbox installations on Private roads.

Any citizen who would like to inquire about an existing mailbox located on City streets/ROWs within McCall City limits is encouraged to contact:

USPS McCall Postmaster


Public Works Administrative Coordinator
Jodi Weaver