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The City of McCall Parks and Recreation Department is embarking on a community-driven effort to develop the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan. Much has been accomplished and significant changes have come to McCall since the last Master Plan in 2005.

The planning process will evaluate existing resources, participation trends, program needs, park access, community priorities, and city-wide policies to detail an implementable 10-year vision for the Department. While the Plan will primarily focus on opportunities within the City limits and the Impact Area, considerations may be given to parks and open space beyond those boundaries that provide a public benefit and can be responsibly managed.  


Throughout the next two months we are asking for additional feedback to guide the development of the PROS Plan! Look for our series of three quick polls! 

Next Steps: 

Following this series of quick polls, staff and the consulting team will be working to prepare the plan recommendations and implementation action plan. The public will be invited to comment on the Draft Plan, including their project priorities and funding strategies, in early Spring 2023. Stay tuned for details! 

  • November 16th the Opportunities Public Input Workshop was hosted, community members were invited to help us answer the big questions! The workshop included a presentation of work to date on outreach series one, walk-ability analysis, and benchmark data. You can read the summary of input collected at the meeting here,Workshop Summary Workshop Summary.  


  • Last spring the project team kicked off the process with an inventory evaluation and data collection. In May, we hosted small focus groups for YOU, local partners and interest groups to join us with the consultant team. These conversations were an opportunity to communicate issues that are most important to address in the process and opportunities and ideas the new plan should integrate. Following the close of focus groups we opened our first questionnaire giving an opportunity for the community to share input on how you participate in recreation programming and parks across the McCall area, what you would like to see more of, and your values and priorities for the future of parks, programming, open space, and pathways. Although focus groups have ended and the first questionnaire closed we continue to welcome input. Read the Summer Outreach Summary HERE



The process for the Plan is one that fully involves the community. It will build upon and integrate former planning efforts. Between April 2022 and May 2023, the public will be invited to provide input and share feedback on the Plan’s progress. Centered around three public engagement series, the public will be invited to participate in local events, online surveys, and in-person and virtual public meetings. The Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) will act as the project steering committee as a working group of individuals who are vested in McCall’s future and represent a variety of perspectives and interests. The PRAC will provide a recommendation to the City Council for adoption. 

Opportunities to participate are anticipated for:  

Community Needs & Choices: June – July 2022 

  • Confirm vision and goals 

  • Public kickoff

  • Present opportunities and challenges  

  • Gather input of community needs 

Recommendations: November-December 2022 

  • Present needs assessment summary 

  • Gather input on park improvement and program choices 

  • Discuss prioritization criteria 

Draft Plan: March – April 2023 

  • Review draft plan  

  • Identify implementation priorities 



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Jana McKenzie, Principal Planner & Landscape Architect

Kristina Kaucher,  Project Management & Senior Recreation Planner

Delta James, Community Development, Project Lead

Stefanie Bork, Parks and Recreation, Project Coordinator  
Kurt Wolf, Parks and Recreation, Director

Tara Woods, Parks and Recreation, Recreation Supervisor

Edward Heider, Parks and Recreation, Parks Superintendent

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee, Project Steering Committee