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Our Message to the Public: CLOSED (current weather conditions do not allow for the rink to operate) 

The outdoor ice rink requires a significant amount of time and maintenance to construct and maintain.  Given the climate in McCall an outdoor ice rink can quickly become very challenging to keep up with.  Parks and Recreation Staff are working hard to provide an opportunity for the public to engage in a safe recreational activity outdoors during these trying times.  If users fail to comply with the mask mandate and the rink capacity of no more than ten (50) people per Stage 3 Idaho Rebound Guidelines, we will be forced to close the facility.  Our biggest concern is over-crowding both on the ice and off while waiting to use the facility.  Please respect these cautionary measures to ensure we can justify keeping it in operation for all to benefit. Please be respectful to other users and the rink neighbors and limit your time on the ice so that others can enjoy as well.   


Why the rink is being built?

Members of the community approached the parks and recreation department about building an outdoor ice rink in early November to help spread people out, recreate responsibly, and reduce congestion on the indoor rink.  In addition, community members have recently made a great effort to clear snow at Little Payette Lake for hockey and community ice skating.  It has been a hit and we applaud those involved. 

In an effort to entertain these requests the parks and recreation department researched what it would take to safely create an outdoor ice rink.  We value the necessity for opportunities to promote active healthy lifestyles and feel it will help build upon positive public moral and help mitigate tensions during these unprecedented times.  

Why Gold Glove Park was selected as the site? 

Accessibility to a reliable water source and flat ground outweighed the other locations.

How is it being built?

Park staff sought design help from other municipal agencies maintaining outdoor rinks and the local resources that where involved with McCall’s previous outdoor rink over 15 years ago. 

When it will be open for public use and hours of operation?

Staff will be working daily to build a solid base and plan to open the rink by the Christmas Holiday if not before. We will open the rink once conditions allow and a COVID protocol plan has been reviewed and approved by the Police chief, Justin Williams. Conditions will dictate hours of operation and face coverings (masks) will be required to use the facility from Noon till 8:00 pm, lights will turn off at 8 pm.  

How it will be maintained?

We recognize there will be challenges with building and maintaining an outdoor rink, and we respectfully request the public to be aware that the rink will not take precedence over other park staff priorities such as sidewalk snow removal efforts and numerous other maintenance obligations.

Will there be skates for rent?

There will be no skates for rental or loaner equipment at this time to deter the use of shared equipment. Please come with your own skates for use on the rink. SKATES ONLY on the rink no sleds. The Rec department however may have skates that you can have donated from Manchester Ice Rink.