Local Option Tax Commission

The Local Option Tax Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council for the use of the revenues collected under the Local Option Tax. The Commission has the responsibility of considering all requests made for the use of such funds, and presents an annual budget recommendation to the McCall City Council.

The Commission is comprised of two (2) members of different City advisory committees, one (1) senior citizen representative, two (2) representatives from businesses in McCall, and two (2) at large residents of the city.The local-option non-property tax revenue can be used only for the following purposes:

(A) Streets, sidewalks and pathways, public transit, pedestrian crosswalks, and public transportation

(B) Construction and maintenance of cultural and recreational facilities

(C) Services for community recreational and cultural activities

(D) Public parks maintenance, development, and beautification

(E) Shelter and or spay and/or neuter of stray animals found in the City

(F) Local housing program as recommended in the McCall Housing Strategy

(G) Services for McCall marketing, advertising, tourism development, and event promotion

(H) Mitigate the effects of tourism on the city that the general fund cannot accommodate

Current Local Option Tax Commission Members:

  • Toni Curtis - Business owner
  • Dave Petty - Senior representative
  • Tabitha Martineau - Business owner
  • Craig Vroom - Art Committee member
  • Todd McKenna - Golf Committee member
  • Diane Sanders - Citizen at large
  • Theresa Grace - Citizen at large

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