Library Staff

Meg Lojek – Library Director

Meg has been a teacher and librarian for 16 years and is passionate about the big potential of little McCall Public Library. She earned her MA in Literature at University of Montana and her library degree at University of Idaho, but she has lived and worked in 5 different countries around the world.  Se habla español  : as a fluent Spanish speaker, Meg is happy to help our community’s Spanish-speaking population. She welcomes anyone to come in, say hello, and talk about how our library can make McCall a better place to live.

Favorite books/authors: literary fiction, American classics, Shakespeare and Calvin & Hobbes.

When she’s not in the library: You’ll find her—in any season—with her family, outdoors, on a remote mountain trail.

Casey Bruck – Programming Librarian

Casey calmly navigates all kinds of library programs—from kids’ maker-space robotics to adult travelogues.  Ask him about any ideas you might have to keep our library a dynamic place of learning in our community. He is also leading the way in our Idaho Room’s digital history project, to make all our local history records available online. Wow!

Favorite books/authors: YA series, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cormac McCarthy, Brandon Sanderson, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson.

When he’s not in the library: He loves to mountain bike, snowboard, cross country ski, board games, and spending time with his three daughters.

Diane Penny – Library Services Manager

Diane is one of the smiling faces you’ll be happy to see as you enter our library. She catalogs all our new books, and she will help you navigate all of our services, including Kindle e-books, computers here in the library, and great reads to take home. Ask her opinion about your favorite author’s read-a-likes. Secret weapon: she’s also a botanist!

Favorite books/authors:  The Maytrees  by Annie Dillard; David McCullough.

When she’s not in the library: Diane loves to run, hike, Nordic ski and spend time with her family.

Debbie McCoy – Children’s Librarian

Retired elementary school teacher 38 years with the McCall-Donnelly School District. Retired in 2020. Debbie and her husband Mike raised their four children in McCall. Now empty nesters.

Favorite books/authors; JRR Tolkien, loves Historical Fiction.

When not in the library – loves to play chess with friends, walk, Nordic ski and knit.

Heidi Strohmeyer-  Library Specialist

Heidi works part-time to maintain our special collections like the 45 magazine subscriptions, the lending seed library, the “beyond the book” library items, and the rotating audio books and DVD’s.  Her smile is contagious as she cares for our library and patrons.

Favorite books/authors:  High Wind in Jamaica, Like Water for Chocolate, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, Gap Creek, Elephant Company, Never Cry Wolf, A Thousand Pieces of Gold, Geek Love,  and Edward Abbey and Rick Bass.

When she’s not in the library: Heidi loves to snowshoe, backpack, nordic ski, fish, raft, paddle board and see live music.


Kristin Kindall, Library Associate 

Welcome back Kristin!   .

Favorite books/authors: Brian Kindall, Diana Gabaldon, Debra Harkness

When she’s not in the library: Publishing books, painting masterpieces, and going on family adventures!  

Jennifer Hoban, Library Associate 

Jen brings a ray of sunshine to the library front counter.  A devoted mother, spirtualist, and caring human being, Jen brings this and a lot more to the library staff!  

Favorite books/authors: The 4 Agreements, The Tao of Pooh, Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, The Hobbit, Sleep No More, The Sun and Her Flowers, The Alchemist, Ninth House, Be Kind.

When she’s not in the library: Enjoys trying to keep up with her 2 sons and incredible husband, practicing meditation and finding reasons to smile.  

Lida Clouser, Library Substitute 

Lida is our “Jack of all trades” and has worked at the library part time for a long time and we love it when she’s around!  Lida speaks more languages than we can count.  Se habla español  . You might see her teaching our ESL classes.

When she’s not in the library: she’ll be teaching Spanish in the local elementary schools, charging uphill on her mountain bike, whooshing downhill on a back-country ski adventure with her family, or on a jetliner travelling back to her native Czech Republic.