Historic Upload

Licensee: City of McCall, Idaho 216 E. Park St., McCall, ID 83686, and the McCall Historic
Preservation Commission.
The identified Licensor below does hereby certify and agree as follows:
1. That I am the owner of copy rights to the photos, video, or other media described and
identified herein (hereinafter, “the Media”).
2. That in exchange for good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby
recognized, I hereby grant licensee the right to use the Media as herein provided:
A. Licensed Use: Licensee may use, replicate, copy, sell, gift, distribute or retain the
Media, as employees of the Licensee may see fit, in relation to the creation and use of
narratives, displays, and promotional materials depicting the role and contribution of
aviation to the history, development, and growth of McCall, Idaho.
The Media, referred to herein is described as follows, and a copy or an original of the Media is
attached hereto, and hereby transmitted to the City of McCall according to the terms of this