Friends of the Library

Who are the Friends? 

The Friends of the McCall Public Library, working cooperatively with the Library Board and library Director, promote the library as a center for learning by implementing community programs and projects. This includes the raising and expending of funds and the acceptance of gifts.
Who can join? 
We meet every month in the conference room of McCall Public Library or on Zoom.  We welcome all who are interested.
What do we do? 

  • We sell used books at the Pump House – proceeds from our sales go towards materials and equipment for the library.
  • Larger book sales are held during Winter Carnival and Labor Day.
  • We develop special library projects such as Children’s section remodel, purchasing large specialty items, etc.
  • We support programs with materials and/or funding.

How to join?  We'd love to have your join our volunteer work!  
If you would like to join or get more information about our organization stop by the Pumphouse or library during business hours, or complete the following form:

You may also print the form and mail it to:

The Friends of the Library

218 Park Street

McCall, WA 99163

The Pump House
1001 State Street
McCall, Idaho 83638 

The historic Pump House is a second-hand book store operated by the Friends of the McCall Public Library. The historic little log building is on State Street across from St Lukes Medical Center and next door to the Central Idaho Historical Museum. Books are donated and sold for an average price of 50¢ to $1.00. Books on tape and CD, fiction, biography, trade books and hardbacks, cookbooks and children’s books are donated, shelved, and sold by a crew of about 15-20 volunteers. The Pump House serves as the ongoing fundraiser for the Friends of the McCall Public Library.

Pumphouse is CLOSED until further notice

The Friends were active in donating the mural for the Children’s Section of McCall Public Library

 What a wonderful adition to the children’s area! It’s also great to have local items included in the mural (Payette, Sharlie,etc.  )”
Mary Ann Traughber.

 The new mural is such a wonderful addition to our library. The vibrant colors and imaginative literary depictions will surely inspire many generations of readers, now and to come. 
Jill Meyer

Read and Recycle 

Your tax-deductible book donations are gratefully accepted at either the library or the Pump House.

Thank you!

Friends of the McCall Public Library