Welcome to Information Systems - Technology for the City of McCall

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City Departments have staff, offices, and facilities spread across many square miles. Information Systems builds and operates the LAN, WAN, wired, wireless, and fiber infrastructure serving City facilities and staff. The department manages servers, workstations, information security, software platforms, phone (VoIP) and email communications systems, cloud or hosted services, and helpdesk services for City staff. Almost all the City's technology-related planning, budget, and purchasing are centralized under Information Systems to help manage costs, security, compatibility, and technology life cycles.

Mission Statement:

  1. Provide for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information for City government and stakeholders.
  2. Help the City and its citizens succeed through appropriate technologies.
  3. Recognize and satisfy the information needs of citizens and staff, within a framework of value, operational reliability, and sensible systems integration.
  4. Our objective is to provide the City government with effective, reliable ways to use and communicate information.


General Information
Information Systems Manager
Chris Curtin
Network Administrator
Vlatko Jovanov
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
216 E Park Street