Potholes Maintenance

Did you know we have cleared more than 200" of snow in the city this year? That level of snow will certainly take a toll on our road system. Each year the McCall Streets Department has a plan to respond to these issues in Spring.


Potholes are common to McCall due to the winter weather patterns that consist of many freeze-thaw cycles.  Pothole formation is more dependent upon extreme shifts in temperature rather than the accumulation of snow.  They typically form when moisture seeps into cracks in the road's surface and freezes, causing it to expand.  When the ice thaws, that space is left empty and, combined with frequent or heavy traffic over the cracks, causes the asphalt to crack and fail.

Potholes are repaired with either a "high-performance cold mix" or "hot mix" asphalt patch, depending on the outside temperature at the time of the repair and the moisture content in and around the pothole.


Thank you for your assistance and interest in the seasonal pothole issues.
Another price we pay to live in our mountain paradise.