Parks & Recreation

Kurt Wolf
McCall Parks & Recreation Director
(208) 634-8967
Annual Report

Enhancing the quality of life for youth and adults, residents and visitors through recreation programs. Provide safe, clean and well-maintained parks, pathways and open spaces which represent the City of McCall.

The Parks Department oversees all maintenance, improvements, and operations for:

  • City parks, public spaces, waterfront and swim zones—including the boat launch ramp, City docks and pump station, undeveloped areas and the grounds of City-owned buildings and parking lots. This includes Legacy Park, Brown Park, Art Roberts Park, Rotary Park, Veteran’s Memorial at Community Park, Davis Beach, Gold Glove Park, Four Corners (including the entrance to McCall sign), Harshman Skate Park, Mtn. Bike Skills Park, Centennial Plaza,  Boat Trailer Parking Lot, Wildhorse Park, various pocket parks, all downtown flowers, tennis courts, City sidewalks, and pathways.
  • Additionally, the Parks and Recreation Department staffs the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, The Tree Committee and The Environmental Advisory Committee. We also participate in most McCall Redevelopment Agency meetings, McCall Improvement Committee meetings, Public Art Advisory Committee meetings and Valley County Waterways.
  • We are also responsible for public building and facility maintenance including all public art, downtown seasonal decorations including light pole banners,  as well as noxious weed control along all right-of-ways and City-owned properties, and the management and oversight of the community forest and community forestry program—including arboricultural duties.
  • The Recreation Department is responsible for providing recreation programming that provides a fun, safe and positive learning experience for those of all ages in the community, surrounding area and visitors of McCall.  Our Department conducts, partners and/or contracts with other providers to deliver approximately 35-40 programs, and or events a year.