Library bond fails to pass with a super-majority but sees overall favor with the community.


Library Bond

McCall, IdahoJune 3, 2020

McCall City Council and the Library Board expected to meet and discuss a new way forward.

McCall City Council and the Library Board plan to meet, discuss options, and make a new way forward. City of McCall will explore objections, remaining questions and weigh the results to see if the public response was enough to justify taking the initiative back to the ballot.

” The election numbers show our citizens were by a majority in favor of the new library concepts, said Bob Giles Mayor, “we are so thankful to our many voters, volunteers, and contractors.  We will continue to work closely with all of them and feed off their passion as we move forward.”

The unofficial election results we announced on June 2nd and the library team is now regrouping after a close loss. The result needed to see a 66.67% in yes votes to pass and “we just missed the mark coming in at 64%. Said Erin Greaves, Communications Manager, “ we had to modify our approach in educating the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are pleased that more than 700 citizens found the library a good investment.”

A main concern of the existing library building was adequate space to serve the public, Meg Lojek, Library Director, commented, “We definitely see this delay changing the way we do things at the library. It is time to regroup and concentrate on our collection and programming, so we can continue to serve our patrons in the most resourceful way possible.”  

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