City of McCall Offers WIFI Hotspots to Help Those With Limited Access 

For Immediate Release  
April 1, 2020 


City of McCall Offers WIFI Hotspots to Help Those With Limited Access 

As the community prepares for remote learning, many struggle with access to the internet. City of McCall’s Information Systems Department wanted to create what they call “virtual coffee shops” to create free access to the technology families need to get their kids back to school. After coordinating with the McCall-Donnelly School District, City of McCall was able to identify three locations for public WIFI access. 

“Families can simply pull into the parking area and without a password access the network ‘McCallWifi’ while sitting in their car,” Chris Curtin, McCall Info Sys Manager said.  Many locations were evaluated including all school locations in Valley County but some just had some technology barriers that couldn’t be overcome.  

City of McCall GIS staff will be coordinating regionally with Valley County and other hot spot locations businesses with the hope to offer as much free access to students as possible.  

More information to come on how to share your own business WIFI with area students.   

Locations with Free internet   

Visit: to view the map or our link at the website. 

McCall Public Library 

High School Annex Building  

High School IT Office 

How to access it 
Look for the network name “McCallWifi” each device will have access with a rate limited speed but it will be enough for each user to access what they need.  


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