PRESS RELEASE-City of McCall Advisory in response to Idaho Stay-home Isolation Order

For Immediate Release  

March 26, 2020 

City of McCall Advisory in response to Idaho Stay-home Isolation Order 

In response to Idaho Governor Brad Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s statewide Stay-Home Order for all Idahoans, released, Wednesday, March 25, in affect for 21 days, City of McCall releases the following:  

City of McCall staff will be working remotely where appropriate to maintain essential government services. Those services not related to essential government services such as recreation activities are cancelled until further notice. Please visit for updated calendar and news.  

Facility Closures  

  • All City Buildings - Closed to the Public, reduced to essential staff, performing duties as related to health and safety where appropriate. 

  • City Hall - Closed to the Public  

  • McCall Police Department - Closed to the Public 

  • McCall Public Library - Closed to the Public  

  • McCall Parks and Recreation - Closed to the public 

  • McCall Public Works - Closed to the Public 

  • All McCall parks and facilities including public restrooms – Closed to the public  

  • All McCall Golf Club buildings and facilities – Closed to the public 

Non-Essential Travel 

  • McCall Municipal Airport – Pilots are advised that the Governor’s travel ban limits flights to those for essential travel only as defined in the Order. Arrivals of persons by aircraft that do not fit an essential service category will be instructed to return to their aircraft and depart. McCall Airport NOTAMS have been updated for flight planning.  

  • McCall Short Term Rental Properties permitted for essential service personnel or quarantine only - Under Idaho State Isolation Order, Short Term Rental Property Owners are advised that guests may only stay in their rental properties if they are providers of an essential service in the region. Current guests who are here for non-essential purposes such as vacations are strongly encouraged to depart the area as soon as possible and return to their place of origin. 

Enforcement of the State of Idaho’s Self Isolation Order is in affect. Non-compliance constitutes a misdemeanor offense. Law enforcement maintains its goal is to educate and gain compliance in respect to the Governors direction for stay home sheltering. 

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