The City of McCall is hiring for a City Manager
The Organization:
The McCall City Council is made up of 5 council members whose mayor is elected by the council from among its membership for a two-year term of office. The City of McCall operates under the Council-Manager form of government with a City Manager appointed by the City Council, responsible for implementing the City Council’s policies and goals, and managing the day-to-day operations of the City.

The Position
This position is a wonderful and exciting career and a lifestyle opportunity for an individual with the expectation of becoming part of the fabric of the community, actively involved with and easily
accessible to the residents. The ideal City Manager will have a close, trusting working relationship with the City Council, City staff, the community at large, and state and regional partners (e.g., special service districts for wastewater and Fire/EMS, the National Forest Service, County, Tribal, and others). The City is seeking an experienced, professional leader that values integrity, unquestionable honesty,
and community. Applicants should be experienced in the policy areas of financial stewardship, community planning and infrastructure, community engagement, environmental stewardship, emergency planning, and workforce housing particularly in a year-round resort community. The incoming City Manager will inherit an excellent team of strong, creative, and experienced Department Heads who
are accustomed to being full partners in the planning and decision-making for the organization. The City Manager will be expected to foster a collaborative and respectful work environment with
Department Heads and City staff, as well as the City Council. The ideal candidate should be a natural people person, approachable, genuine, and easy to engage; an exceptional communicator; a motivational leader that is able to listen and guide their team; honest and forthright with the ability to hold those around them accountable and equally comfortable with being held accountable. As a key member and leader of the McCall team, it is important that the City Manager is a strategic thinker that is equally a creative problem solver and supporter of new ideas and innovations. The City Manager is likewise expected to foster a strong relationship with the community at large. As the “face of the City” and easily recognized in Town, residents are accustomed to easy access to the City Manager, and the incoming Manager should plan to embrace the role of listening to citizen concerns and actively addressing them. Moreover, the City Manager serves as the ambassador and liaison to the City’s regional partners
and should be skilled at proactively fostering and maintaining positive external relationships. It is further important that the next City Manager be politically astute and an experienced legislative advocate for the City. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or a related field; Master’s degree preferred. Ten (10) years of experience in municipal government which must include at least: one (1) year as a City Manager;three (3) years as an Assistant/Deputy City Manager; or five (5) years in a Department Head or equivalent level position with supervisory experience; or any equivalent combination. Residency is required within 12 months of the start date.

The Recruitment Process
To apply for this exciting career opportunity, please visit our website at: Peckham & McKenney Resumes are acknowledged within two business days. Contact Tara Schultz
at 626-644-1398 or 866-912-1919, if you have any questions regarding this position or the recruitment process.

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