McCall, Idaho Takes Steps to Preserve Wildlife: Unanimously Passes Ordinance Prohibiting Deer Feeding

McCall, Idaho Takes Steps to Preserve Wildlife: Unanimously Passes Ordinance Prohibiting Deer Feeding     

McCall, Idaho, October 2, 2023   – In a notable decision that signifies a commitment to wildlife preservation, the McCall City Council unanimously passed an ordinance on September 28th, prohibiting the feeding of deer within the city limits. After more than five months of extensive outreach and education, this decision reflects McCall's commitment to safeguarding its natural heritage and fostering harmony between its community and the surrounding wildlife.

The ordinance, a result of careful consideration and valuable public input, enforces a $100 fine for a first offense. Subsequent violations will be treated as misdemeanors, underscoring the city's firm stance on this issue. By implementing these measures, McCall aims to ensure the well-being of its native deer population while fostering an environment where both humans and wildlife can thrive together.

Important Note to Visitors:    

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our native wildlife, we kindly request all visitors to refrain from feeding the deer when they explore our beautiful city. Observing these graceful creatures from a respectful distance allows them to maintain their natural behaviors and preserves the delicate balance of our local ecosystem. Your cooperation is essential in sustaining the well-being of our deer population and preserving the unique charm of McCall.

This decision comes after a thorough period of community engagement, during which the City of McCall actively sought feedback from its residents. The response was overwhelming and demonstrated the deep-rooted commitment of the community to protect the region's biodiversity and preserve its unique natural environment. McCall residents, local businesses, and wildlife enthusiasts came together in support of this initiative, emphasizing the shared understanding that the protection of wildlife is crucial for the city’s identity and its future.

Mayor Bob Giles, expressing gratitude for the community’s active involvement, stated, “McCall is cherished for its natural beauty and wildlife. By passing this ordinance, we are not only safeguarding our environment but also honoring our responsibility to the creatures that share our home. Our community is dedicated to preserving the essence of McCall for generations to come.”

This step aligns with the values of many in our community who champion environmental conservation efforts and sustainable practices. By restricting deer feeding, McCall seeks to minimize the impact on the natural behaviors of these animals, promoting their overall well-being and ensuring a balanced ecosystem.

The City of McCall expresses gratitude to its residents for their active participation and their willingness to engage further in our relationship with wildlife, particularly our deer population. Through this collective effort, McCall reaffirms its status as a community deeply committed to the preservation of its wild spaces, its wildlife, and the natural wonders that make this region so unique.

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