Davis Beach Intake Station Upgrades 2023

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (10/2/23):  Davis Beach is under a partial closure during October as reconstruction of the Water Intake Station progresses.   The south access to the park off Lick Creek is currently closed to allow for completion of recent grading and stormwater facilities.  All public access to the Park should be via Diamond Street.  

There is also construction fencing set up along the southern portion of the park (surrounding the intake station) to keep the public out of the building’s construction site.  However, the public should be aware that construction vehicles will be entering and existing the Park (throughout the month) and utilizing the temporary access (off Diamond) to support the building’s reconstruction.  Use of the beach west of the access pathway is allowed.  Please do not block the access pathway.     


Construction Budget: $500,000

Project Funding Source: McCall Water Department

Project Overview:  This project is a significant enhancement of the facility to meet regulatory requirements while Improving overall safety, function, and aesthetics. 

  • New roof and pump roof hatches to replace, old, end-of-life existing facilities.
  • Installation of variable frequency drives (VFD)s for each of the station’s three (3) pumps to improve operational control and significantly reduce energy costs. 
  • Installation of new pump manifolds and replacement of the station’s intake flow meter.
  • New exterior siding and architectural elements will improve aesthetics.
  • During this closure, Parks and Recreation will also improve park access (via Diamond St.) pathway for park visitors and facility maintenance. Contact Kurt Wolf (Parks & Rec. Director), 208-634-8967, kwolf@mccall.id.us with questions.

Major Construction Milestones/Current Schedule:

  • Access Pathway Construction                              by 9/29/23
  • Existing Station Roof Removal                             by 9/29/23
  • Rehab Intake Station Roof and Exterior               by 11/10/23
  • Completion of interior/electrical Upgrades            by 2/15/24                         

 Project Contact Information:  Nathan Stewart (Project Manager, Public Works Director), 208-634-8943, nstewart@mccall.id.us

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Posted | 9/11/2023 - Public Works

Updated | 9/18/2023 - Public Works

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