Davis Beach Intake Station Upgrades 2023

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES:  Davis Beach will be closed to the public from 9/5 – 9/29 to allow the City to construct an improved Park and Intake Station access off Diamond Street.   Additional closures may be necessary pending construction progress.


Construction Budget: $500,000

Project Funding Source: McCall Water Department

Project Overview:  This project is a significant enhancement of the facility to meet regulatory requirements while Improving overall safety, function, and aesthetics. 

  • New roof and pump roof hatches to replace, old, end-of-life existing facilities.
  • Installation of variable frequency drives (VFD)s for each of the station’s three (3) pumps to improve operational control and significantly reduce energy costs. 
  • Installation of new pump manifolds and replacement of the station’s intake flow meter.
  • New exterior siding and architectural elements will improve aesthetics.
  • During this closure, Parks and Recreation will also improve park access (via Diamond St.) pathway for park visitors and facility maintenance. Contact Kurt Wolf (Parks & Rec. Director), 208-634-8967, kwolf@mccall.id.us with questions.

Major Construction Milestones/Current Schedule:

  • Access Pathway Construction                              by 9/29/23
  • Existing Station Roof Removal                             by 9/29/23
  • Rehab Intake Station Roof and Exterior               by 11/10/23
  • Completion of interior/electrical Upgrades            by 2/15/24                         

 Project Contact Information:  Nathan Stewart (Project Manager, Public Works Director), 208-634-8943, nstewart@mccall.id.us

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Posted | 9/11/2023 - Public Works

Updated | 9/18/2023 - Public Works

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