Help make sure bears don't find human food sources.

Bear-proof garbage cans are a requirement in the City of McCall. That requires residents to not only use the Bear proof can but avoid overfilling it, propping it up or tampering with the lock. Contact Lakeshore Disposal at  (208) 634-7176 if you need additional cans, a repair or a larger sized trash can.

A letter regarding Bears from Idaho Department of Fish and Game:

Bears are continually on the hunt for food that’s high in protein and fat.  Their memories and sense of smell are excellent.  With a spotty and early berry crop this year, bears are looking for other food sources.

Unfortunately, if they find something tasty, they’ll remember that and visit again.  If they continue to find food, your house and your neighborhood will become a regular stop on their circuit. 

When neighborhoods become a regular food source, bears become more accustomed to and less fearful of people.  They can grow impatient or even pushy in their search for food, and may not leave when you try to scare them away because the promise of food overcomes their fear of people.  These bears can become dangerous.   

IDFG monitors all bear reports. When it becomes evident that a bear has become excessively habituated or has lost its wariness of humans, IDFG often has no choice but to trap and kill the bear. These bears cannot be moved, because research shows they will quickly travel long distances to seek out human foods in their new locations. We cannot responsibly move a habituated bear knowing it will likely visit the nearest campground or neighborhood.

A fed bear is a dead bear. McCall sits right in the middle of bear habitat, so bears will always move through town looking for good smells and food.   Help make sure bears don’t find human food sources. 

Following the steps below helps protect both you and the bears:

  1. Remove bird feeders between April and mid-November. 
  2. Feed pets inside.
  3. Get a bear-resistant trash can and use it properly; don’t tamper with latches, prop them open, or over fill them.  If you don’t have a bear-resistant can or if there is too much trash to fit in the can, keep it in a garage until the morning of pickup.
  4. Do not keep coolers, refrigerators, or freezers outside.
  5. If a bear has already visited your place and found food, take the above steps right away. The bear will likely pay you a couple more visits, but if it finds no food, it will eventually move on.
  6. Report bear problems to IDFG so that we can monitor the situation: (208)634-8137.


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