Downtown Core Phase 1B - Warranty Concrete and Paver

Project:  Downtown Core Phase 1B - Warranty Concrete and Paver Replacement:  2nd and Lenora Streets

Timeline:  Mid-August through September, 2022.

Summary of Work:  Sunroc Corporation and Belgard Pavers will be completing warranty concrete and paver replacement on 2nd and Lenora Streets over the next 4 weeks.  Drive and parking lane closures will be occurring, and traffic will be limited to one direction in the City’s downtown core 4 blocks.  Sidewalk closures may also be necessary to facilitate completing the work.  This work is to address concrete and paver failures that occurred during the warranty period of the City’s Downtown Core Phase 1B reconstruction of 2nd and Lenora Streets originally occurred in 2019.   The City, Sunroc and Belgard appreciate your patience and cooperation during this construction period.

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