Short Term Rental Code Updates - Presenting to City Council on Proposed Changes

A public hearing will happen on Thursday, August 25th, 2022 during the regularly Scheduled Council meeting at 5:30 pm, regarding proposed Short Term Rental Code Updates. This is a first touch with McCall City Council. 

Public Input

The public is encouraged to submit a comment in advance using this link: Submit comments now. There is also an option to make a comment live in person at Legion Hall or virtually. To sign up virtually use this link: Sign up to speak live using the internet.


There are currently 524 short-term rentals within McCall City Limits and the impact area. While STRs play an important part in the economy, the City has received feedback about negative neighborhood impact and the McCall Fire District and McCall Building Department has concerns about health and safety issues. 

Current Requirements: within the City and Impact Area, STRs require a business license and there are regulations related to parking, occupancy (4 persons per bedroom), noise, detectors for smoke, propane gas, and carbon monoxide, property manager information to neighbors, and trash service. STRs with 20 or people require a conditional use permit.

What’s changing? 

  • Permit: From Business License to Short-Term Rental Permit, requiring STR permit for each unit on each property, STR permit renewal to occur annually
  • Inspection: Add inspection process to ensure compliance with regulations and permitting. 
  • Occupancy: Short-Term Rentals shall contain no more than two (2) persons per bedroom, plus two additional persons.  Total maximum occupancy of the Short-Term Rental shall not exceed ten (10) persons without the issuance of a conditional use permit.

Timeline: The timeline for compliance be extended to January 1, 2024 to allow sufficient time for property owners to scheduled and pass inspections while allowing them to operate as is following current standards until that time. 

City Council will be asked to consider the public feedback and give staff direction on next steps. To have your comments considered see below on the process to submit. 

Written Comment in Advance

 Written Comment Regarding the Public Hearing Scheduled for August 25, 2022
Title 3 and 4 Code Amendments for Short Term Rentals
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Meeting begins at 5:30pm 

Live Virtual Comment

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Title 3 and 4 Code Amendments for Short Term Rentals 
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