New Construction Water Meter Process Change

April 29, 2022

New City of McCall Water Customers,

Re: Water Meter, MXU, ECR Purchasing Responsibilities for New Services

Effective immediately, the City shall provide the meter, MXU, and ECR parts for completing the water service installation on any new Public Works Permit and/or Building Permit applications for new water service construction. Note: All other parts (tapping saddle, pipe, fittings, curb stop, meter box, lid, etc.), excavation, backfill and ROW restoration, etc. shall remain the customer’s responsibility. The impact to customers should be minimal and will include improved convenience and a minor reduction in cost. The cost of these City provided parts shall be outlined in a City invoice provided to the permittee and paid within 30 days of receipt.

This interim modification to McCall City Code §6-2-060 comes due to policy changes by the City’s distributor Ferguson Waterworks. Individual customers are no longer able to purchase a water meter, MXU and ECR in small quantities from Ferguson Waterworks as they will only allow bulk order purchases.

Reference to McCall City Code §6-2-060 states that “The customer shall be responsible for providing all necessary parts (i.e., tapping saddle, pipe, fittings, curb-stop, meter box, setter, meter, meter transceiver unit (MXU), electronic register (ECR), etc., equipment and labor necessary for trench excavation, backfill and roadway restoration associated with the water service connection. The City shall provide oversight and assembly of all parts necessary to construct the service to ensure that it meets the City and any regulatory installation requirements.”

The City of McCall is committed to working in good faith to keep new construction projects on schedule despite challenges.   Water meters, MXUs, and ECR supplies have been significantly impacted by supply chain issues for the past 24 months.   Therefore, the City cannot guarantee that meters, MXUs and ECRs will be available depending on the number and timing of new service connection permit applications that occur during the 2022 construction season.  For any questions related to this interim policy, please contact Levi Brinkley, Water Distribution Superintendent (208-634-1011,

Nathan Stewart, McCall Public Works Director-City Engineer

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