Where do I put my garbage can for pickup in the winter?

A reminder that garbage cans must be placed on your driveway per city code and for the management of snow removal in the City of McCall.  PLACING YOUR GARBAGE/ TRASH in the street may cause damage and will affect the ability to properly clear snow. The Snow Plow equipment does offer limitations as to what the driver can see and control. Please do your part! City Administration and the Streets Team advise- placing your Garbage Can/Trash Can on your driveway inside the typical placement of the snow berm is the safest method.

Snow in the City. It's a Community Effort. Learn more tips regarding snow removal and more at mccall.id.us/snowinthecity.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed in any street, sidewalk, park or public right of way any bench, newspaper rack, trash can, refuse receptacle, waiting bench, fencing or other obstruction or cause same to remain in said places to the detriment of public travel or convenience without first obtaining a permit from the City of McCall.

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