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The McCall Public Library, owned and staffed by City of McCall, has changed very little since 1972 while McCall’s population has nearly doubled. Circulation at the library is up 82% in the past 13 years and library program attendance has increased at the same time. The library offers a variety of programming for our community. Everything from travelogues and sewing classes to book clubs and movies. Although books are at the core of the McCall Public Library's mission, the library is an integral part of the community in many other ways. The library is one of the few locations in the area that offers free community meeting space to many nonprofits, businesses and city staff. Their success relies on the Library to host meetings, gather, present and serve the community. Many members of the workforce consider the library a critical resource for job seeking, furthering their education, and as a resource for the youth.

In July of 2016, library staff, civic leaders, local schools, related nonprofits, and a wide selection of the public, met to discuss opportunities for a library design that would reflect the community’s wants and needs. Consultants evaluated the existing facility and its program it needs for the next 20 years and recommended the current library be expanded to at least 12,000 to 15,000 square feet. Then, on November 3rd, 2016, the McCall City Council approved the options as recommended by the library board and expansion committee. The new design would renovate the existing 4200 square foot space, adding a new 12,000 square foot building to include adult, youth, and children’s libraries along with increased meeting space, new City Council Chambers in the form of Citizens hall, mixed civic office space and improved parking.


1972:  McCall Library building constructed.  McCall’s population has nearly doubled since our library was built in 1972.  In just the past 13 years circulation has increased by 82% and library program attendance has increased by an astounding 567%! Today the library simply cannot meet the needs of our growing community within its current footprint. We also need to modernize our library capabilities to bring 21 st century technologies to our many and diverse users.  The futures of youth, the strength of our workforce and the quality of life in McCall is predicated on the support that the community provides for key educational infrastructure such as our library. We must expand to meet current and future demand.

1987: the first library expansion committee meeting.  

  • It took many years of planning to get to the next point in 2015 when a light began to shine at the end of the tunnel.

2015: Humphries-Poli Architects were engaged to help us explore our options for expansion. Our process involved extensive meetings to gather input from the McCall community. The architects provided 8 design options that were evaluated by the City Council. Of these options, the community, the Library Board, the Library Expansion Committee, and the City Council all agreed that Option A best suited the community’s needs. To see the design study or the preferred option A, please follow the links below.

2016 Humphries-Poli Design Study

Option A FloorPlan

2017: The Library Board of Trustees began exploring funding options for the expansion. We built a team of Ambassadors to help share our project with the community. Do you believe that a library builds life-long learners, critical thinkers, and better citizens? Are you passionate about the future of our town and the legacy we desire for future generations? If so please join us in our efforts to expand the McCall Public Library!

2018: A group of volunteers created the McCall Public Library Foundation, a separate 501C(3) to support this campaign and future library needs.  For more information: McCall Library Foundation Website

2019: The McCall City Council took several steps to make this dream a reality, including moving the Police Department off of the limited space at the downtown City Campus, renovating City Hall office space to accommodate staff from the Annex, adopting a City Campus Plan with the help of a citizen committee, and planning for the move of the Parks department out of the Annex.

The Library Expansion's Conceptual Plans have been revised many times and continue to develop into an affordable library with the look and feel our community wants.  

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