Doing Democracy

Doing Democracy is the art of public discussion of current topics.  This program sponsors open dialogues throughout the year on issues facing our community. The hope is to foster a culture of civil discourse that allows multiple perspectives and creative conflict, leading to the discovery of common needs and perhaps common visions.

The content and guidelines have been chosen by the participants, not by a leader or the library itself. Anyone who has suggestions for future topics of discussion is invited to contact the library.


Goals and Purpose of this Program:

A – To support the library and expand its role in the community by promoting dialogue about issues that face our community.  The library’s role would be enlivening our democracy by creating a culture of civil discourse that allows for multiple perspectives, creative conflict, and the discovery of common ground.

B – To train a group if people in facilitating public discussion by creating an atmosphere where the experience of public discussion is possible and where people may feel uncomfortable but always safe. To educate ourselves and the public on skills of democracy.

C – To nurture a more connected community through honoring relationships and fostering engagement, by doing the work of recognizing community needs and co-creating a vision of vital healthy and caring community.

Doing Democracy Program Information  - This is a link to a pdf that describes Doing Democracy in detail.