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Downtown Core Phase 1B - Warranty Concrete and Paver

Project:  Downtown Core Phase 1B - Warranty Concrete and Paver Replacement:  2nd and Lenora Streets

Timeline:  Mid-August through September, 2022.

Summary of Work:  Sunroc Corporation and Belgard Pavers will be completing warranty concrete and paver replacement on 2nd and Lenora Streets over the next 4 weeks.  Drive and parking lane closures will be occurring, and traffic will be limited to one direction in the City’s downtown core 4 blocks.  Sidewalk closures may also be necessary to facilitate completing the work.  This work is to address concrete and paver failures that occurred during the warranty period of the City’s Downtown Core Phase 1B reconstruction of 2nd and Lenora Streets originally occurred in 2019.   The City, Sunroc and Belgard appreciate your patience and cooperation during this construction period.

Phase 2 of the Senior Center upgrades are staring on August 15th

9/23/2022 Update: 

-Paving should be done today (9/23)

-Substantial Completion hearing, City Council October 6th.

Phase 2 of the Senior Center upgrades are staring on August 15th and will take approximately 6 weeks to complete (September 21st). The project consists of re-grading and paving the Senior Center Parking Lot and realigning the railroad pathway that is adjacent to the Senior Center. Senior Center parking and driving areas will be affected, but there will be ADA accessible parking available throughout the duration of the project. Access to the Campus Parking lot, behind City Hall, and to Central District Health, will be available throughout the entirety of the project. Access from 1st Street to the Campus Parking lot and pathway adjacent to the Senior Center are anticipated to be disrupted on August 25th through September 13th for excavation, grading and paving. During this time, access will be closed and signed.  Access will be available to the campus from the Park Street entrance. During the re-alignment of the pathway, pedestrians and bikes should utilize Railroad Ave roadway (south of the existing pathway). Proper signage will be present to guide pedestrians away from the construction and back to the pathway that is not under construction.


Questions and concerns regarding this project can be sent to Kyle Hickman ( , 208-634-4140).

Park Street and Thompson Avenue Reconstruction - Completed!


With the addition of 14 Parallel Parking spaces, a bike lane and approximately 850 feet of curbed sidewalk the enhancement to pedestrian and bicyclist safety will be substantial. Also included in this project was the installation of new storm water and water systems utilities.

Phase 2 of the Park Street and Thompson Avenue project begun July 11th, 2022. Construction on Park Street will occur between Thompson Avenue and 3rd Street.   The project will include complete roadway reconstruction, new bike lanes, on-street parking and sidewalk (north side only).  

Work completed to date includes:

  • Clearing, grubbing, removal of obstructions, and grading of project limits.
  • Removal of old asphalt and road section
  • Installation of new road and sidewalk section
  • Installation of new storm water utilities
  • Installation of new water system utilities
  • Installation of concrete curbing and approximately 3/4 of the total sidewalk concrete 

Remaining work  includes grading of new road section, installation of asphalt, striping and signage installation, and finishing concrete pedestrian facilities. Paving is anticipated to occur by the week of October 3rd with anticipated road opening the week of October 10th.

Intermittent road closures and detour routes should be expected through October.  For questions, please contact Kyle Hickman, Construction Manager – Crestline Engineers, 208-634-4140.  We thank you for your patience and cooperation during construction.

For more information please click the link below.

Park Street and Thompson Avenue Phase 2 Civil Plans

Important Water Department Message to Conserve Water

City of McCall will implement a no-left turn trial on Railroad Avenue and N. 3rd Street for the summer of 2021.

Beginning Tuesday, June 29th, the City of McCall will implement a no-left turn trial on Railroad Avenue and N. 3rd Street for the summer of 2021.

The goal of the trial is to alleviate traffic congestion and increase safety. This intersection has been outlined as an area of concern and this trial is a creative and possible solution.

McCall Public Works and the McCall Police Department would like to hear your comments surrounding the temporary change as they plan the way forward. After you've experienced the change, please take a moment to give us your thoughts but taking this quick 2-minute survey. Find it here:

Water Line break on Samson Trail that is expected to affect most customers. *No boil water order anticipated.

Today, June 28, 2021,  a City of McCall Service Contractor mistakenly hit the 8” water main on Samson Trail. It is currently being repaired. All water customers are expected to be affected. *There is no cause for concern at this time and no boil water order is anticipated. McCall Water Department is advising all water customers to flush faucets for 20 minutes. The Water Department will also be flushing lines to clear debris. We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you if there is a change to instructions. Please follow our website news for information or social media.

Be Careful walking and Driving - Ice Warning.

Where do I put my garbage can for pickup in the winter?

A reminder that garbage cans must be placed on your driveway per city code and for the management of snow removal in the City of McCall.  PLACING YOUR GARBAGE/ TRASH in the street may cause damage and will affect the ability to properly clear snow. The Snow Plow equipment does offer limitations as to what the driver can see and control. Please do your part! City Administration and the Streets Team advise- placing your Garbage Can/Trash Can on your driveway inside the typical placement of the snow berm is the safest method.

Snow in the City. It's a Community Effort. Learn more tips regarding snow removal and more at

It shall be unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed in any street, sidewalk, park or public right of way any bench, newspaper rack, trash can, refuse receptacle, waiting bench, fencing or other obstruction or cause same to remain in said places to the detriment of public travel or convenience without first obtaining a permit from the City of McCall.

When Seconds Count - Your Hydrant Matters!

Please visit the McCall Fire & EMS facebook page:

Downtown Sidewalks - It's a community effort!

In McCall Central Business District the City of McCall Parks Staff works cooperatively with Public Works to keep sidewalks clear. 

McCall City Council approved the implementation of a Downtown Sidewalk Maintenance Program this year at no additional cost to property owners through funding from the Local Option Tax. Business owners still have a legal responsibility to maintain clear sidewalks and deposit snow on their own property safely. Use this quick reference  Sidewalk Year-Round Guide. This program handles snow and ice removal as well as trash, sweeping/blowing, and more in the Downtown area outlined on this map.

Please see the program below for the specific as well as staff and property/business owner responsibilities.  

Learn more at &

SLOW DOWN please it's slippery out there!

SHARE THIS MESSAGE to SLOW DOWN! DO NOT PASS SNOW PLOW OPERATORS. Keep everyone safe, please, passing causes accidents in heavy snow conditions. Look twice pull out once. Do your part and take your time on the road.

Legacy Intake Station Reconstruction and Beautification Project

Project Purpose: Upgrade the Legacy Pump Station Building Structure - to improve overall safety, function, and aesthetics. This project is a significant enhancement of the facility to meet regulatory requirements. 

Construction Period: Oct 2020 through June 2021

  • Demolition of the western portion of the intake building

  • Full foundation reconstruction including micro-piles to address unstable soil conditions

  • Construction of a ~500sq. ft. addition to the eastern side of the existing structure

  • Replacement of existing underground 16-inch water piping and various yard piping improvements

  • New roof, exterior siding, and architectural elements to improve aesthetics

  • Improved access and landscaping improvements