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Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees for the McCall Public Library

Chair: Jacki Rubin
Vice Chair:  Ed Hershberger
Secretary:  Lynn Lewinski

Lynn Lewinski
Ed Hershberger
Jacki Rubin
David Gallipoli
Lola Elliot
City Council Liaison:  Bob Giles

Responsibility: To exercise care and control over the affairs of the McCall Public Library

The Board of Trustees which is mandated by the State of Idaho is appointed by the City Manager with confirmation by the Council. The term of service is five years. There are five members and their terms rotate so that every year a space becomes available in October. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Trustees should contact the library director in September.

The Board of Trustees holds regular meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 9 am in Legion Hall, 216 E. Park Street.

McCall Library Board of Trustees Minutes

FY19 Minutes

FY18 Minutes

FY17 Minutes

FY16 Minutes

FY15 Minutes