Winter Walking

The public McCall Golf Course owned and operated by the City of McCall encourages activity in winter. The City of McCall allows the use of Golf Course Paths during Winter Snow Season after the course has been closed a prepped for winter. Signs are posted and pet clean up centers are located throughout the pathway. 

"Our golf pathway is a great resource that comes with a price in picking up after our dogs.  It’s important to get some fresh air during these tough times. If we all do our part, we will keep the path looking fresh and inviting." - Mayor Bob Giles



  • Pets should be on a leash at all times unless the owner can prove TOTAL AND COMPLETE CONTROL of the animal. 
  • Pet owners MUST clean up after their pets. This preserves the path, keeps the path open, and protects the course for play in the next year.
  • Pets should stay on the path and out of home yards. 


  • The pathway is open to varying modalities and speeds. 
  • Please walk with care. Wear proper attire including winter shoes. 
  • If a path is closed it will be marked. 
  • Please read signs to advise you. 
  • Keep right and pass left. 
  • Be kind.


  • There is a mask mandate in McCall.
  • Always Recreate Responsibly
  • Be prepared to wear a mask on the trail. (You will be passing others it is a two-way trail) 
  • Keep at least 6feet of physical distance between you and others at all times. 
  • If you are walking with those outside your household CDH and CDC recommend wearing a mask. 
  • Pets should stay on the path and out of home yards. 
  • Home owners, Associations, and Vacation Renters located alongside public golf course property are subject to the same rules and guidelines.