We aim to keep city facilities maintained and accommodating. Therefore the parking lot is scheduled to be paved on Monday, September 20th, and Tuesday, September 21st. During this time, the McCall Golf Course will be closed. Granite Construction will work as quickly as possible to have the course reopened for Wednesday, September 22nd.

We understand this is an inconvenient break in service for many, and we apologize. Unfortunately, there is a small window for construction as the snow season approaches. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this 48-hour break in play.


McCall Golf Club

MGC to Aerify greens the week of Sept 13th

Golf Course staff will also plan to Aerify greens the week of the 13th having 18 holes open while 9 holes are worked on. Contact McCall Golf Course for questions at 634-4867

Golf Course Budget Workshop and Open house! Tonight September 1st - 4pm to 6pm

McCall Golf Club Pro-Shop confirms two employees test positive for COVID-19

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2021



Justin Williams

Chief of Police



McCall Golf Club Pro-Shop confirms two employees test positive for COVID-19

The City of McCall has been notified that two employees of the McCall Golf Club Pro-Shop have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are currently quarantining as recommended.  We urge all patrons and visitors of the facility between Friday, August 27 and Saturday, August 28, to monitor themselves for any possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, night sweats, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, muscle or body aches, headaches, confusion, or loss of sense of taste/smell). COVID-19 symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. While the probability of infection remains low, visitors are encouraged to seek medical attention or testing should symptoms arise.  If you have questions about COVID-19, symptoms, exposures, or where and when to be tested you can call Central District Health’s call center Monday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm at 208-321-2222. 

The McCall Golf Club has been sanitized according to Centers for Disease Control recommendations and remains open for play. To learn more about what to do after a potential COVID-19 exposure, visit the CDC’s website.

Golf Course to Grind & Repave Parking Lot

Granite Paving and Excavation plans on a start date of September 13th  to grind and repave the parking lot.  This will be a two-week process during that time the parking lot will be closed to parking through the workday with limited access for deliveries or people passing through to the golf course on golf carts. Designated parking will be made available in the maintenance yard and shuttle service for players. There will be signage as to call for a shuttle etc. if needed.  Parking will be open from Friday evening to Sunday evening.  


Golf Budget Workshop - September 1st - 4pm to 6pm

Golf Course Opening Friday, May 21st!

Official announcement the McCall Golf Club will open its 2021 season Friday, May 21 at 1 pm! 

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Proposed golf rates for 2021

Proposed Golf Rate Quick Facts - 

  • The proposal to increase golf rates ( 1% CPI plus $1 per daily fee and $100 per pass ) would go towards funding and or matching funding for Golf Master Plan projects.
  • McCall Golf Club has a number of projects that have been delayed due to funding and now through the Master Plan, they have been highlighted and prioritized.
  • A rate increase is a start to building a fund that is directed toward only Golf Master Plan Projects.
  • The new rates would go into effect in the 2021 golf season
  • View the Golf Master Plan Projects at Golf Club Master Plan Text 8.31.20.pdf

Proposed Golf Rate Increase Public Notice - Golf Club Master Plan Text 8.31.20.pdf

The McCall City Council will hold a public hearing, pursuant to Section 63-1311A, Idaho Code, on February 25, 2021, at 5:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, in the Legion Hall, 216 East Park Street, McCall, Idaho. The City of McCall is considering adopting a resolution to set fees for the 2021 golf season. The proposed new rates are an increase of 1% plus $1 per greens fee and 1% plus $100 on season passes except Junior fees. For a complete list of proposed rates please visit - Proposed 2021 golf rates.pdf Public testimony is encouraged for the public hearing. To ensure that the Council receives all comments prior to the meeting, written comments must be submitted prior to 3:00 pm on February 25, 2021, on the City’s website at All written testimony will be read into the record.  If a member of the public would like to make comment during the live meeting online or to call-in, please sign up at prior to 3:00 pm on February 25, 2021; a link will be sent to you with instructions. The public may attend in person to make public testimony; however, due to limited space, public testimony submitted in writing prior to the meeting is strongly encouraged. Only 9 members of the public will be invited into the meeting space at one time. Masks are required, and social distancing is enforced. Anyone desiring accommodations for disabilities related to the hearing may contact the City Clerk’s office at, 208-634-7142 at least 48 hours prior to the public hearing. For more information, contact BessieJo Wagner, City Clerk at (208) 634-4874 or

Review all proposed rates here> 

Have you been wondering why not all paths have been cleared or look closed at the Golf Course? 

 Have you been wondering why not all paths have been cleared or look closed at the Golf Course? 

This year we have seen more users than ever before. The congestion and varying user groups have caused some hurdles that City staff is trying to remedy for your safety. We've tried a few things and we aren't even sure we are done, but for now, here's what to know about the Golf Course pathways: 

  • Many new users are now enjoying the path. Young, old, families with strollers, people with pets, and more. Some users move fast and others move slow so please respect each other and stay right, pass on the left, and be kind. 
  • If the pathway has been cleared and there is no closed sign,  It's open, but always proceed with caution. 
  • Dogs need to remain on a leash if they are not under your complete control!
  • You are responsible for your pet at all times including its clean-up needs. Please keep our paths clear and our course clean. 

McCall Ladies Golf Association Launches Paver Project

McCall Ladies Golf Association Launches Paver Project

The McCall Ladies Golf Association is selling engraved pavers just in time to be a unique Christmas gift! An outside area, known as the McCall Golf Club Plaza Project has been approved by the City of McCall. It is near the McCall golf course clubhouse and will serve as a public gathering space to enjoy the ambiance of the golf course. Engraved pavers will be a permanent focal point of the Plaza Project and can be purchased by anyone wanting to recognize their connection to the golf course or McCall. Donors can choose to engrave their names, a family name, or anyone they choose to honor, This is also a great way to donate to our local golf course and memorialize a loved one or even your favorite dog who loves to walk the cart paths in the winter. A certificate of purchase will be issued that can be wrapped as a gift or easily inserted in a Christmas card or emailed to the recipient. Anticipated completion of the project is on or before spring, 2022. The donation for the engraved paver is $101.75 and can be obtained by filling out the attached form and mailing it with your check payable to McCall Men's Golf Association to the McCall Ladies Golf Association, P.O. Box 661, McCall, Idaho. If you have questions you can inquire by email to or call 208-473-8705.


Location: Northeast of the McCall Golf Club clubhouse and adjacent to the golf cart trail next to the Birch 1 tee box. The approximate 1050 square foot location is surrounded by paved cart access leading to and returning from all three nine-hole courses and the clubhouse.
Scope of work: The project will require the installation of approximately 3,500 permeable engravable pavers on level grade. The existing grade slopes downward to the north and east. The site will need to be excavated to a depth of approximately 30 inches to free-draining soil and then filled with stone to level the site. The north and east sides will require a wall be constructed from pavers to bring the site level. A seat wall of pavers (18 inches high above the paver patio) will be installed along the north and east sidewall.

The pavers will be available to the public for engraving. It is anticipated that people with a connection to the McCall golf course or McCall will purchase an engraving for themselves or others they want to honor. The golf course superintendent currently maintains memorials created on the course (trees, bushes, plaques, etc.), and this project would alleviate that maintenance work for future memorials.

.12,. The sale of the engraved pavers will generate additional income for golf course improvement s for many years.

f. The site will have one or more movable benches and tables for golfers, the public, and small gatherings to sit and enjoy the outdoor golf course atmosphere. Currently, there is no location for this activity. The north and east seat wall will provide additional seating for golfers waiting to tee off on Birch 1, or whose tee times have been delayed.

d. The project will be an attractive addition to the golf course. In addition to the movable bench and table, the site will have movable bushes and flowers, giving it a park-like setting. During winter the benches, tables, bushes, and flowers will be removed to provide a location for snow storage. The large rock at the location will remain.

e. The site will also provide a space for the club restaurant to locate a temporary food and beverage cart during tournaments.

Download the Paver information and Order form here.

UPDATE: McCall Golf Club To aerify greens September 29th & 30th

McCall Golf Club will be aerifying greens Tuesday, September 29th & Wednesday, September 30th. There has been a delay in aerifying due to weather. All 27 holes are open and 18 holes un-aerified the 24th through the 28th. Why now? In the current season, we were unable to aerify greens as usual in the Spring, and with the Golf Club seeing a heavy amount of play, the greens need attention. By aerifying now, the course will remain in good shape through October and be set up for a healthy Winter. Thank you for your patience. 

~McCall Golf Club Team 

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