2 Man Best Ball 6/15 & 16

The Golf Genius GGID for this tournament is: www.golfgenius.com/ggid/fesbwr

The index break for morning/afternoon has changed to 8.6 with the exception of one team. The low index player per team determines flight.  Championship - 2nd flights will play late (1:00PM) Saturday and early (8:00am) Sunday. 3rd - 5th flights will play early (8:00am) Saturday and late (1:00pm) Sunday. 

If you are on the bubble (8.5 - 8.9) please make sure to double check your start time on Friday, 6/14 in case we have had any changes.

Click the following link for the current list of Teams by Flight: 2019 2 Man Best Ball Report.pdf.  Just a reminder, there is a 7 stroke max differential.  The report shows the index of each team member and the team index unadjusted.