It’s that time again when our Public Works Crew begins spraying areas in our City to control road dust. This is a money saving and health a safety practice we do every year.

How Does Dust Control Lower Costs?

  • It reduces the need for blading, watering, and gravel replacement
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance costs by lowering the levels of dust that clogs filters, bearings, and machinery
  • Provides a smooth, firm driving surface which increases productivity, decreases fuel consumption, and saves time.
  • Prevents costly soil erosion caused by destructive wind conditions
  • Reduces the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation, and living sites
  • Reduces replacement expenses of windshields and such.

How Does It Improve Safety?

  • Improves visibility, reducing the chance of accidents
  • Reduces chance of injury from flying stones and loose gravel
  • Provides cleaner air, cleaner vehicles, and cleaner homes
  • Promotes better health and fewer complaints

Here in McCall, our process of dust abatement is a safe and environmentally friendly method that uses a solution made up of Magnesium Chloride, a hygroscopic, deliquescent compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation.

The Magnesium binds fine dust particles to keep roads stabilized, to slow the loss of aggregate, and to reduce the need for costly regrading. Liquid magnesium reduces erosion, makes unpaved surfaces harder and more compact, and helps to prevent surfaces from becoming uneven or developing potholes.

This method is used in sensitive watershed and wetland areas and in places where workers prefer the therapeutic effects of this natural compound from the Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea.